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Ultion Lock Picking Course Infomation

Taylors Locksmith Training Academy Gateshead run a range of lock picking and training courses in becoming a locksmith and our lock picking course provides a starting point for newcomers to the industry through to existing locksmiths who want to learn new skills or update their knowledge.

Each of our lock picking courses include lock picking tools, hands on training, eBooks and video online training at home so once the course ends you can still practice at home. 

  • One to One Training

  • Lock Picking Tool Kit

  • Practice Locks to Take Home and Keep!

  • 2  eBooks on Lock Picking

  • Easy to watch video archive access 

  • Plus much more....

Ultion Lock Picking 1 Day Courses

Picking and Decoding the Ultion Lock

Taylors Locksmith Training Academy Gateshead makes sure that day one builds your foundation in the locksmith industry as we look at each aspect of each lock, braking down how the actual locks work with fact sheets and easy to watch videos that you can access any time after the the course.

Welcome to UK's first course that focuses on Ultion locks. This is the number one lock that's stumping all locksmiths and sadly locksmiths are turning down jobs due to this lock being fitted. This lock made our job harder, took bread of our table so now its time to tun the tables and attack the lock and make sure you have the skills to defeat the Ultion no mater the model or year. 


We know our Master Locksmith has a full 1 day course on attacking the Ultion lock, you will learn all aspects on this lock, from its design and it in built lock down mode to its 16 point anti drill specification to the pinning of this lock. Learn the weak points and how to defeat this lock on the job and not just in a lock lab with a series of scenarios that will aid you as you come face to face with this lock a 3 star diamond sold secure lock hidden by a 1 star handle. We will create the jobs that you turn down and the show you how to bypass and pick, decode and defeat the Ultion lock.


To under take this course you must have proof of locksmith training. This course is only open to locksmith or FREE with our budget, mobile and master locksmith courses through . 


This course includes a Ultion Pick and decoder worth £150, one to one training, an eBook on the subject along with our eBook on pin cylinder picking. You will also have a full lock pick set for single pin, raking, rocking picking of dimple pin locks as well as our eBooks and videos on the subject. 

  • One to One Training (no others take up our paid time)

  • Beginner Tool Kit worth £180

  • Practice Locks to Take Home and Keep! Worth £120

  • 3 best selling eBooks on Locksmithing worth £30

  • Easy to watch video archive access worth £499

Lock picking Gateshead Locksmith Trainin

Ultion Tool Kit

You will receive a Ultion pick and decoder  plus more on this course worth £180!

Video Course!

You will receive access to our online video archive with how to videos on the subject to watch at home!

eBook Set and Videos

You will receive all 2 eBooks with one on the Ultion lock and the 2nd on pin cylinder lock picking!

Ultion Lock Picking and Decoding Course for ONLY £450

Taylors Locksmith Training Academy understand that once your course ends the training does not. This is why we have videos dedicated to picking the Ultion lock, Decoding the Ultion lock along with 2 eBooks on lock picking with one dedicated to dimple pin style locks and the Ultion lock. You will also receive a Ultion lock pick and decoder worth £150 as part of the Ultion Lock Picking and Decoding Course.

Ultion Lock Picking & Decoding Course

1 Day Lock Picking Course

Total Price: £450

Deposit: £200

Final Balance: £250

Location: Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. 1 Mile from Newcastle city centre. 

To Book Call on 07525639943
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