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Business to Business Locksmith Training!

From 1 to 4 Day  Bespoke Locksmith Courses for Employees 

Welcome to our Business to Business Locksmith Training program and training course in Gateshead UK, below you will find as much information as we can give you about this Employee Locksmith Training Course, please read this entire page in full or see a desk top site for full pricing.

Our Business to Business Locksmith Training package is designed to give you hands on experience in using all the tools of the locksmiths trade and take them home, along with full locksmiths skills for all locks from residential to commercial along with rapid entry. 


  • Lock picking Level 1 

  • EU and UK Locks Level 2

  • Understanding how locks work with videos and manuals

  • Residential Locksmith Level 2

  • Commercial and High Security Locksmith Level 2

  • UPVC doors and window common issues

  • Gearbox and Mechanisms how to

  • Composite door locks and issues

  • How to service UPVC and the multi point locks

  • Rapid Entry, same training we give the police Level 3

  • Lock picking cylinder locks Level 2

  • Latch locks, bypass, fitting and opening Level 2

  • Lock opening mortise locks Level 2

  • Mortise lock repair, upgrades

  • Mortise over-lift and making wires

  • Lock picking padlocks and shackle locks Level 1

  • Bypassing Padlocks

  • Combination lock opening Level 1

  • Tools and how to use them

  • Lock pulling and snapping Level 1

  • Letter box entry and forced entry Level 2

  • Lock ordering and sizing, knowing your stock

  • Real homes, real locks

  • 2 FREE refresher days!

  • 24 Hour call-out if you ever need us!

  • Full aftercare program!

  • plus much more...

About The Business to Business Locksmith Training Program

We have trained many companies in locksmith skills from landlords to the Northumbria police and local councils to council employees in London and around the UK. 

Cutting any out gong for any business or organisation is vital to growth and management in these time of Brexit. Having employees that need to gain entry to locks and doors either on homes or commercial premises is becoming more and more of a challenge, one one hand you need to gain entry but your staff may not have the skills needed so they are destroying doors or frames, locks and hardware costing you the business money. Maybe your outsourcing to other locksmiths with high overheads or labour charges and need to bring down the cost. Whatever the reason then we can help with our training programs that are bespoke and can be tailored to any business from key cutting to residential only or only commercial entry, rapid entry or servicing.

Our training will give your employees hands on skills that will aim to lower the cost of repairs by entering a lock without breaking any frames or doors. It is inevitable that we may need to destroy a lock or set of handles from time to time down to the high security standards these been fitted by councils and housing companies. We have sen it all from they style of locks that are fitted in prisons been fitted to a front door of a house and then businesses expect a joiner to gain entry without damage. This wont happen and can be costly to the business but with our hands on training we can take that cost down by giving the locksmith the right skill sets. 

Along with our training we can attend your place of work, setup a key cutting facility to creating a onsite training program. We can look at your tools, create tools kits as some DIY tools have use in opening locks. You may also have tools that is causing detriment to your tenants or customers properties and costing you money to repair in the long term with multiple call outs..

Each of our courses can come with tools packs, these tools packs are what we as locksmith actually use and not the gimmicks you can find online. We can supply tools packs from just £150 and each tool kit can be bespoke. 

We offer lock lab training from one to one or one to two students at a time, this allows them to take in the required course content and not feel rushed by a group, this in turn makes sure that the student takes in the information given.

They will be trained in hands on locksmith skills, tackling Mul- T -Lock to Multi Point Locking Strips, high security euro profile locks and thumb turns to mortise locks shop shutters and even the law with regards to home insurance regulations making sure your employees are not leaving you in detriment of been sued for leaving a tenant without insurance in the event of a claim or braking fire codes and regulations. Whatever you want from our training facility then we can offer it with fully bespoke courses from £499 per student.

Thinking Long Term with 24 Support 

  • Onsite training or offsite at our lock labs

  • 3 Free call outs for assistance for 24 month!

  • ​Get 2 free refresh days for up to 24 month after the course!

  • 24 Hour help, if your employee is ever stuck after the course we can still help!

  • Video calling to see locks, issues and advice after training!

  • No large classroom groups, all our training is one to one or one to two unless you have large groups, maximum of 12!

  • We will guide you each way, step by step using hands on training, videos, ebooks and all aspects of learning!

  • Full video archive that you can access with refresher days or for further study! 

  • Each student gets our 3 main locksmith manuals for in depth training!

What Will You Receive On This Course?

The Level 3  is a 12 module Employee Course and is the most complete course and the only one of its kind in the UK and as far as we know the world. We don't want to just train you and dump you, we want you to make a change in your business and create a real saving by having your staff trained correctly. We can even look at your supply chain and see if we can save your more money by changing out your hardware suppliers for a more cost effective bottom line. We also have a full locksmith service that can assist with key cutting, call outs if your staff are not available and we can create contacted work at low cost, we will beat your current locksmith by 50% on the hourly rate and as much as 70% on parts depending on your requirements. 

Your employees will receive a full training course, hands on in the lock lab, then on to our training doors then on to real homes and out on real time jobs to see how we actually carry our our jobs in a cost effective way with customer care and no damage. We can also come to your place of work and carry out onsite training anywhere around the UK. 


 Here are some of the highlights of the course, details are below.

Locksmith Training

Master Locksmith Steve Taylor for Taylors Locksmiths and Gateshead LOCKSMITH Training give

Locksmith Training

Hands On Learning!

We will train you in all aspects of locksmith work, a Level 3 Locksmith award, this is broken down in to residential locksmith skills and commercial locksmith skills for business to business locksmithing, all areas from basic safes, filing cabinets to UPVC, composite and wood, metal and high security doors, shop doors and shutters and everything in between such as re-pinning locks, master keying locks, keyed alike locks, key cutting and every other aspect that you need training in including auto and RDF locks.. 

Bespoke Locksmith Training


Bespoke Locksmith Training

Get the Most out of Your Business

Each of our courses can be as bespoke as you require. We know each business is different and each business works differently and that your employees all have different skills and rates of learning so we can adapt to your business requirements and even down to the days of training where we can train on mornings or afternoons and even evenings. Its best to speak with one of our trainers who can advise on the best options and draw up a training program that will work for your employees and business or budget.

Locksmith Tool Pack

My Post (51).jpg

The Right Tools for the Job!

TThere are so many gimmick tools on the market today you can spend thousands on creating the perfect locksmith tool kit but why bother when we can supply every tool from a lock pulling kit worth £599 to hammers and drill bits, oils and tool bag, picks and jigglers to bypassing tools. Every tool you need will be yours to take home after the course depending on what you require and need. These are the tools we use everyday on real jobs. We can create bespoke tool kits for any business from key cutters to rapid entry tool packs at cost price with any of our courses.

Onsite Locksmith Training Brought to Your Business!

Gateshead Locksmith Training Academy offer a range of bespoke locksmith courses brought to at your place of business for larger groups of employees that need training. This allows us to assess the training required and we can speak to your frontline staff and find out where they are struggling or the issues they are having and with the types of locks and hardware. 

We have a full mobile training class that we can setup in any size room from a minimum of 3 students per class to 12 max per class. 

We can fully train any person on the skills required to become a locksmith onsite normally 1 to 2 days per week for around 4 to  6 weeks depending on requirements. We also offer a 1 day crash courses in the most common issues found. 

We teach all kinds of commercial customers from the police to council workers, housing groups, facilities teams and management.

Who We Have Worked With...
people we have worked with-1.png

Gateshead Locksmith Training Academy also known as Taylors Locksmiths have trained many companies employees since 1981 from Ford to Northumbria Police, NHS Facilities teams, Southwark Council in London, Gateshead, Newcastle and Sunderland council to the Ministry of Defence to many other locksmith and property management companies that need new locksmiths training. We have put over 1700 employees through locksmith training since 1981. We also have private companies to landlords and estate agents. We have helped launch whole new divisions within a businesses dedicated to locksmith work and helped save hundreds of thousands in lost revenue by training employees in the correct non destructive skills or gaining entry without damage to doors or hardware.

Skill Set Ideas...

You can pick and chose from the skill sets below, this will create a bespoke course or if your unsure you can speak to one of our trainers that can figure out what you require based on the work that you undertake, we have not listed every skill set that we train as there are over 200 in total.. 

  • Upvc servicing 

    • This is all about servicing, lifting and UPVC and Composite door maintenance. 

  • Euro profile Lock entry 

    • This is gaining entry to euro profile locks, it covers every aspect of gaining entry.

  • High security Lock entry 

    • This is the more advanced lock from British Standard to dimple pins, anti snap, anti pick, anti pull locks with security keys​

  • Fitting and Removing Gearboxes 

    • This is all about fitting and removing, servicing and gaining entry to dead locked doors​ where that handles have failed and none of the  bolts of hooks will retract. 

  • Key Cutting and Duplication

    • This is all about using the machines, how to use them, servicing and issues, how to cut keys, choosing blanks and more​.

  • Mortise Lock Entry

    • This is all about entering mortise locks without damage to the door, from dead locked to lost keys, keys in the back of the door and fitting, sizing. 

  • Mortise Lock Picking

    • This is gaining entry to mortise locks, it covers every aspect picking and lifting.

  • Office and Building Locks 

    • This covers all of your office safes, cash boxes to filing cabinet locks, desk draw locks, key boxes to mail box locks and more. 

  • Rapid Entry / Emergency Entry  

    • This is what we train the police and fire service along with debt recovery. Its all about rapid entry with little damage.  

  • Legal Training, Home Insurance Regulations

    • This is all about what locks should be fitted, home insurance​ requirements and much more.  

Master Locksmith Steve Taylor for Taylors Locksmiths and Gateshead LOCKSMITH Training give
Course Price and Breakdown

Basic Entry Locksmith Award

This course can cover from the basic 6 modules £499 for a one day course to a level 1 locksmith, ideal for a everyday locksmith work to cutting keys, ideal for estate agents and landlords.

Intermediate Locksmith Award 

You can chose to undertake a 2 day course to a level 2 which is a 12 module course for £699 for a 2 day course. This ideal for advanced skills, British Standard locks and hardware


Advanced Locksmith Award

You can chose our 4 day advanced course to a level 3 with 16 modules for £899 for 4 days in a row or you can do our 1 day per week with onsite job assignments for 4 weeks for £1200. Both of these are ideal for high security issues, rapid entry, night time call out and includes UK legal training with regards to insurance regulations. 


Locksmith Tool Package

This is all the technical Tools we use on the job from your picks to bypassing tools, snapping of pulling rigs, turners to cameras, safe drilling bits to servicing tools. Key cutters and duplicators. We can create bespoke tool packs starting at £150 up to £7000 depending your level or requirements. We can stock a basic tool kit with any course for £299 as we buy all our tools at cost price and pass on the savings when you book a course. 

Steve Taylor Master Locksmith onsite training NHS facilities staff.jpg
student sendrig construction.jpg

Russel Tate went on to create website and business and is now in his 3rd year as a locksmith and doing work for Taylors and himself. He most recently expanded his business and took on 3 staff who we also trained as locksmiths. He followed our advice and business plan and now offers boarding services. He turned over nearly £10k in December alone. 

Russel Tate - Bedlington Locksmiths

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Trainng at TLS 16 Millyway, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, NE95PQ

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