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Locksmith Training Courses In Gateshead

Taylors Locksmith Training Academy which is based in Gateshead Tyne and Wear offer the only courses of this kind in the UK.

Based in Gateshead Northeast England just half a mile from Newcastle upon Tyne. Our locksmith training school is centrally located for easy reach off the A1M and not far from Sunderland, Durham, Yorkshire or Scotland. All our courses can be changed to suite your needs with bespoke options from as little as £599. There are many hotels and bed and breakfast around in the area and some of our courses include accommodation. Read about our locksmith training programs and see why we are different and the right choice for your future in locksmithing and business. We dont offer gimmick locksmith curses that promise to train you as a locksmith in 4 to 5 days, ask yourself if that sounds right for such a vast subject. You will also become a member for free with the Guild of Master Locksmiths UK.

One to One Training

Full Locksmith Tool Kit

We Supply Your Stock

We supply a full locksmith tool kit for your course that you will keep. All the tools you need to work as a locksmith!

All of our courses are One to One only, we believe it is the only way to teach such a vast subject that cant be learned in just 5 days!

We supply you with business starter stock and introduction to your supplier, you can then re-invest this profit into business growth.

Locksmith Training Course

The Master Locksmith is the only course of its kind in the EU, offering everything in one package for a stand alone business, its not just locksmithing its a full business, all your logos, branding, graphics to advertising literature, your websites such as a full website build with custom photography to advertising video along with a training in all areas. We train you in SEO or search engine optimisation and how to never pay for advertising and get to the top of Google and dominate the maps area. We cover every aspect from legal training to home insurance standards and the BSI. plus so much more! Look at our different options and pricing and choose fro our top 3 locksmith courses. 

Master Locksmith Course and Business Package 

14 Week Course

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Mobile Locksmith Course and Business Package 

10 Week Course

Locksmith training, new locksmith, learn to be a locksmith, locksmith. Locksmith course, courses for locksmiths

Budget Locksmith Course, Locksmith Training 

5 Week Course

Locksmith training, new locksmith, learn to be a locksmith, locksmith. Locksmith course, courses for locksmiths

Real  Locksmith Training, No Filler!

Taylors Locksmith Training Academy in Gateshead don't believe in teaching you filler. We actually train you on the actual locks we work on daily. Yes we can offer auto locksmith training but if you don't have the £30k it actually costs to setup a working business to deal with today's vehicles then why focus on that until year 3 growth of the business?

Real Business Training!

Taylors Locksmith Training Academy in Gateshead don't just offer business advice, we actually setup your business for you and then train you how to run and use it. From your websites both desk top and mobile friendly sites, social to SEO training, accounting to stock management, invoicing, sales and upgrades to marketing along with full legal training plus so much more.

Real Literature & Video archives 

Taylors Locksmith Training Academy in Gateshead offer all course literature along with a full video archive that you have full access too for life worth £800 along with all of our ebooks at over £200 worth, written by master locksmith Steven J Taylor, your instructor which will help to further your knowledge and understanding of this vast subject. Plus so much More.

Learn More About This!
Learn More About This!
Learn More About This!

Intense Locksmith Training Courses

We are at the opinion that you simply cant become a decent locksmith in just 3, 4 or 5 days in a row. You need time to take in the training, practice each skill set and do further research which we actively want you to pursue as this will further your understanding and knowledge on the each subject. However we have a 3 day and a 5 day Intense locksmith training course available and we would only advise this style of course if you already have a good understanding of the subject or you already work in the industry or its part of your work such as emergency call out and you are currently forcing doors or drilling doors or finding you cant gain entry or struggling. Then these courses are suited to you but if you are new to the subject then please see our Master Locksmith Course, our Mobile Locksmith Course or our Budget Locksmith Course

Things You Should Know!

First we dont train you how to drill locks like many courses do today as you cant drill British Standard locks they have anti drill pins and its just so wrong on so many levels and just highlight a lack of skill. 

We wont train you in subjects you will not use in a real life locksmith business today, just to create content filler or to avoid training you in more in-depth topics to try and make more money from a trainee.

The reason we stock you with the locksmith tools is that you will be working on our customers doors, we cant have cheap tools going wrong or "con" tools been used on our courses. We give you the exact tools we use day to day on real jobs and you keep the tools, cases, bag everything is yours to take home.

We also give you a starter stock package, this puts you on the right path and stops you buying rubbish you will never use or sell.  So many locksmith go so wrong in the beginning and end up in debt as they have rushed out and bought a van and filled it with stock they cant use or sell, they have high overheads as the van is sign written so the insurance goes through the roof, they then become a target to thieves and need a safe storage place to keep the vehicle or they start up a shop with large overheads, we see this all the time when they ask to be re-trained by Taylors, a professional master locksmith company. Its simple, just follow our advice, replicate what we do and make a profit as a business and don't struggle.

We train you in business as you could be the world best lock picker but without today's online business training from a  company who ranks number one on Google maps and organic listings for the areas we serve, you simply wont get anywhere or make any money. You will end up paying a 3rd party company to advertise you and spending most of your profits trying to get business and paying for advertising that wont work such a leaflets, or yellow pages. Ask yourself, do you read leaflets? Where is your yellow pages when your locked out of your home? See where I am coming from. That is not what you want, its a downward spiral of debt in to pay per click adds, people selling you SEO packages each month for £250 per month. Our locksmith company outranks along with many other multi million pound companies as we know what we are doing when it comes to online business and we don't pay anyone a penny. 

After all most locksmith schools are only failed locksmiths themselves passing on 2nd hand information to try and earn a living as they did a course with a  hack company and had no business training or only done a job centre business course and this led them to making it half way, enough to get by and earn some cash passing on what they do but still paying most of what they earn out in advertising.  

Please read our FAQ's for more information and the truths about locksmithing in the UK. 

3 Day intense Locksmith Training Course

3 Day Course

Locksmith training, new locksmith, learn to be a locksmith, locksmith. Locksmith course, courses for locksmiths

5 Day Intense Locksmith Training Course

5 Day Course

Locksmith training, new locksmith, learn to be a locksmith, locksmith. Locksmith course, courses for locksmiths

Bespoke Locksmith Training, For Business and More

1 Day to 5 Month

Locksmith training, new locksmith, learn to be a locksmith, locksmith. Locksmith course, courses for locksmiths
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