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Taylors Locksmith Training Academy

Training Locksmiths Since 1981

Locksmith Business Since 1948

Read below all about Taylors Locksmith Training Academy in Gateshead. You can also visit us for an open meeting and see our lock lab and speak with a locksmith instructor. 

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Vince Lombardi


The Late John Taylor Master Locksmith

Our founder the late John Taylor, Master Locksmith, on of the founding members of the Guild of Master Locksmiths UK and head of the Taylor family. John started Taylors in his wife's small shop in Gateshead in 1946 and the new locksmith business did so well that the locksmith business overtook the grocery shop in 1948 when Taylors Locksmiths launched as Gateshead Locksmiths until the building was knocked down many years later to make way for new buildings and shops. 

John always said "son, treat people how you would like to be treated" and that is why our pricing is low, our quality is high and we are well respected in our local community.

Without our John, we would not be where we are today. You will always be with us. R.I.P Gramps.

The Start...

1948 Taylors Locksmith Was Born

Our journey started in 1946 and officially opened our first shop in 1948 when John Taylor left the military and changed his wife's small sweet and grocery shop into a key cutting and locksmith shop. 

Today Argos stands where our old shop used to stand. 

We are Now Mobile...

We took to the road as a mobile locksmith

Taylors little yellow vans were as famouse as the AA back in the 1970s, seen whizzing around the North of England. 

Today we are still mobile as a locksmith business in Gateshead.

old taylors 1970s.png

The first time our logo changed to include J Taylor and Son in the 1970's.

Training Since 1981

It Started Due To A  Need and Now We Love It

Robert Young our first locksmith student in our old workshop under training from John Taylor. Back then the shop was also used for fixing cars as Taylors have also been well known for our auto mechanic skills. You can actually see our old work jackets. It carried our 1970s logo patch and although it looks white it was actually a yellow colour.

Taylors Locksmiths still teach locksmithing, one on one as we always have. 

3rd Generation 

A Local Family Locksmith Business

Still to this day we are a local family business, Steve, Julian and Mick along with Stevens son Bodhi now a 4th generation lead the future of our locksmith company as a mobile locksmith business and a locksmith training school. We have sadly lost two of our founders the late John Taylor and his son Andrew Taylor but we will always be a family business and we hope you will choose Taylors to start your family business.

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