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Taylors Locksmith Training Academy

Training Locksmiths Since 1981

Locksmith Business Since 1948

Read below all about Taylors Locksmith Training Academy in Gateshead. You can also visit us for an open meeting and see our lock lab and speak with a locksmith instructor. 

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Vince Lombardi

Ltae John Taylor, founder of Taylors Locksmiths in 1948

The Late John Taylor Master Locksmith

Our founder the late John Taylor, Master Locksmith, on of the founding members of the Guild of Master Locksmiths UK and head of the Taylor family. John started Taylors in his wife's small shop in Gateshead in 1946 and the new locksmith business did so well that the locksmith business overtook the grocery shop in 1948 when Taylors Locksmiths launched as Gateshead Locksmiths until the building was knocked down many years later to make way for new buildings and shops. 

John always said "son, treat people how you would like to be treated" and that is why our pricing is low, our quality is high and we are well respected in our local community.

Without our John, we would not be where we are today. You will always be with us. R.I.P Gramps.

Taylors first shop from Sunderland, Taylors Locksmiths history, oldest locksmith in the Northeast.
Julian from Taylors Locksmiths at the old key cutting counter in Gateshead, Gateshead Lock
John Taylor WW2, Taylors Locksmiths History
Taylors Locksmiths in the 1960s in Gateshead, old shop

The Start...

1948 Taylors Locksmith Was Born

Our journey started in 1946 and officially opened our first shop in 1948 when John Taylor left the military and changed his wife's small sweet and grocery shop into a key cutting and locksmith shop. By the 1950s we had moved from Sunderland into Gateshead and opened a shared shop, half was dress making and alterations along with groceries and the other half was key cutting, safes and locksmithing.

Today Argos stands where our old shop used to stand. 

Taylors Locksmiths in the 1970s, old locksmith van, locksmith company, first mobile locksmith business in the UK
Bill and door Taylors 1980s
Taylors locksmiths history, old worker, old locksmith, door fitter, history, UPVC

We are Now Mobile...

We took to the road as a mobile locksmiths in the 1970's

Taylors little yellow vans were as famous as the AA back in the 1970s, seen whizzing around the North of England. We used old telecom vans as we had moved into the glazing industry just before the 1980's boom in UPVC and multi point doors which created a new generation of locksmith and saw us removing our old wooden doors and windows and fitting new UPVC. We even had a factory in South Shields back then! 

Today we are still mobile as a locksmith business in Gateshead, Newcastle, Washington, Sunderland, Durham, Northumberland, Hexham, Stockton,Teesside an down in Cornwall in Newquay and in Devon. 

Old Taylors Locksmiths logo from the late 1970s. Taylor and Sons Locksmiths, Gateshead Locksmiths, History, about

The first time our logo changed to include J Taylor and Son in the 1970's.

Apprentice Locksmiths in the 1980s in Newcastle upon Tyne with Taylors Locksmiths
Apprentice joiner Locksmiths 1980s Newcastle
Taylors locksmiths, old photos, locksmith history

Training Since 1981

The Mines Closed, UPVC Boomed.. It was a different time..

Robert and Dale Young on the far left was our first locksmith apprentices out on a job. Back in our old workshop under training from John Taylor, joiners started to learn about multi point locking doors. Back then the shop was also used for fixing cars and auto training as Taylors have also been well known for our auto mechanic skills and have had multiple garages over the years. You can actually see our old works jackets top right. It carried our 1970s logo patch and although it looks white it was actually a yellow colour. That same logo would be used in the 1990's in the Yellow Pages.

Taylors Locksmiths still teach locksmithing, one on one as we always have to this day!. Choose from Gateshead or Newquay Cornwall. Our Newquay Training offers accommodation!

Late Andrew Taylor and John Taylor with Julian Taylor. Founder of Taylors Locksmiths and his sons
The late John Taylor with Steven J Taylor who took over Taylors Locksmiths in 2013
Todays locksmiths at Taylors, Steven J Taylor, Julian Taylor, Mike Taylor. Family business since 1948

3rd Generation 

A Local Family Locksmith Business

Still to this day we are a local family business, Steve, Julian and Mick along with Stevens son Bodhi now a 4th generation lead the future of our locksmith company as a mobile locksmith business and a locksmith training school. We have sadly lost two of our founders the late John Taylor and his son Andrew Taylor but we will always be a family business and we hope you will choose Taylors to start your family locksmith business.

Photos, Andrew, Johnny and Julian 1st and 2nd generation locksmiths.

Steve and Johnny when Steve graduated university and took over the business in 2007 as a 3rd generation master locksmith. 

Steve in 2024 Still working with his dad Julian and is cousin, Mick, Andrews son!

Guild of Master Locksmiths UK awards
Guild of Master Locksmiths UK awards
Guild of Master Locksmiths UK awards
Guild of Master Locksmiths UK awards

We are LTTA Certified Locksmith Trainers

In the UK there has never been a regulatory body that made sure that a locksmith who wanted to train other locksmiths had the credentials or met a criteria to be able to offer such locksmith training. With fly by night locksmiths who had failed in the locksmith business selling there skills on eBay as they have no idea how to be successful as locksmiths, hence the reason they are selling courses on eBay and offer poor training, inadequate teaching methods and have no background in teaching at all or any qualification in teaching. They also do not do any DBS /CRB background checks and train people who will use there new skills to commit crime such as burglary and theft. This is why the GMLUK created the first LTTA program and course in line with Cornwall and Devon Locksmith Training and Gateshead Locksmith Training. It means that if you are a locksmith that wants to deliver locksmith training then you will require this award to be able to do so but you must meat a strict criteria with proof of success in the industry. This way we can make sure that the locksmith that's teaching has the credentials and has the success of there business and time served to be able to offer such training. 

The criteria of the LTTA: 


  1. Each instructor must have a minimum of 10 years Locksmith service as a self employed locksmith with proof of business establishment, 10 years of TAX based records, proof of business and insurance along with any online ratings, reviews , photos or videos of past work to be taken into consideration. 

  2. That locksmith must have made a net income from their business of between £50k to £70k per year for a minimum of 5 years of trading. 

  3. They must have undergone the Guild of Master Locksmiths LTTA certification which is a training award that a locksmith can earn by undergoing the LTTA training program. The LTTA is the Locksmith Teacher Training Association and Award. It's an award in further education meeting all requirements set out for a teaching qualification but it's based on locksmith training and delivering Locksmith based education, courses and classes. You will also have to pass a series of examinations based on adult learning and course delivery. Each person taking the LTTA are tested to the highest level possible in all areas of the locksmith trade. 

  4. They must carry a separate qualification in training such as a PTLLS in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector or the new AET level 3 Award in Education and Training This nationally recognized qualification carries 12 QCF credits which is the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) and demonstrates our competence and readiness to work as a teacher, trainer, or tutor in various educational settings.


GMLUK will also take into account any other awards that you have gained from your past but such as Business Management degrees. Our instructors who have also come from alternative education based backgrounds. The PTLLS qualification was previously the Level 3 Award in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector. However, it has now been updated and replaced by the Level 3 Award in Education & Training (AET). 

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