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Why Choose Taylors Locksmith Training Academy?

Locksmith Training in Gateshead with Taylors Locksmiths Training Academy Since 1981. Gateshead Locksmith Training is part of Taylors Locksmiths Established in 1948 and are one of the UK's oldest locksmiths.

Each of our trainers or training locations are LTTA certified which is the Locksmith Teacher Training Award to a Level 6 in locksmith based education and has a strict criteria to become an LTTA awarded trainer see here. We also carry our  PTLLS qualification was previously the Level 3 Award in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector. However, it has now been updated and replaced by the Level 3 Award in Education & Training (AET). We carry a number of City and Guilds, NCFE and many more in many different aspects of training such as tilt and turn window, uPVC fitting etc. 
We are full GMLUK Guild of Master Locksmith members and are Safe Contractor Approved Trainers with a full SCAUK award

We offer a specialised form of locksmith training and we are the only company in the UK to offer such training as our courses are based around self employed locksmith work and creating a locksmith business. But we also deliver bespoke locksmith training directly to businesses in the UK. We come to your business and we will train your staff in any lock or hardware, door entry they are stuck on. Be it if you are having issues with automatic multi points in fire rated doors or they are stuck getting past high security locks such as Ultion, Yale Triple 
Platinum, Mul-T-Lock and and so on. Then we can help train your staff in any aspect of locksmith skills and we currently train housing associations around the UK, Property management groups such as Mears, Believe Housing and More to working with trusts and charities from NHS facilities teams to housing for vulnerable people.

Please read this page in full and get to know what we offer on our locksmith training courses.

out ranking locksmiths
We Out Rank The Best!

The locksmith side is easy, the hard part is the business side and our very own mobile locksmith business in Gateshead outranks our competitors, from to local locksmiths. We dominate multiple positions on maps to organic search results and we can train you to do the same. Becoming a locksmith today is about more than just picking locks. We have the knowledge and know how to put your business where it can be seen by your customers as part of our top 3 courses The Master Locksmith Training Course or our Mobile Locksmith Training Course and even our Budget Locksmith Training Course will benefit from these skill sets that we will pass on to you along with our best selling manual and eBook on the subject.

Locksmith Foundation Training

Before visiting us for your course you will undertake a locksmith foundation training course in your own home. Its simple, when you enrol we will give you access to our training portal with all of our video training archives and ebooks, manuals and diagrams. You will first learn the very foundations of locksmithing such as what the tools are called, all about locks the different parts of the locks, such as you can see in the diagram. Basically it gets you ready for you first session, so you have a better understanding of the terminology used by the locksmith instructors. This helps you out as you don't need to stop every few seconds to ask a question such as "what is a L rake or bump key or what's a faceplate or deadbolt or pivot pin?". The foundation part of the course lets you study at home, watch the videos that show and tell all this information. It also lets you get used to your tools, you can test them out and organise them into tool bags and tool boxes. During the foundation course training you will also have 1 to 1 sessions with your locksmith coach via webcam. We send you a webcam, tripods along with at at home mini lock lab so you can train from home as well as with us. We brake the training down into many key stages to make sure you full understand each aspect of the training with assignments and more that give you a deep understanding of each subject. This will benefit you in the future with confidence and less chance of major issues such as breaking UK laws, home insurance a business regulations to making sure you do not destroy high end doors with £4k plus which you could end up paying for or worse with a manslaughter charge for fitting the incorrect lock to a fire door etc. You can't training to run a locksmith business in 7 days or less. You can become a gimmick locksmith that has an idea but not a genuine skilled locksmith.

Locksmith training online, online courses, locksmith skills
Locksmith Training
Locksmith training with accommodation

You will undertake a locksmith training course that covers every UK residential and commercial lock on the current UK market along with every aspect of uPVC and multi point mechanisms, a look at safes and opening, bypassing every lock we come across all within our Lock Lab. 


You will also attend real jobs and see how it works and a business and what to expect. This will start to build your confidence.

Practice House Training
Locksmith training with accommodation

The practice house is where you can fine tune you skills, its vital this is done outside the Lock Lab and on real doors and windows that are actually been used. You will cover every aspect of home entry and uPVC along with many other aspects that's undertaken in day to day life of a locksmith.


By this stage you will be helping out on real houses with real customers and getting ready to start as a apprentice locksmith.

On The Job Training
on the job locksmith training, Gateshead

On the job training should always be the next step in any locksmith training course as you need to actually do the job to know how to deal with situations. We do more than just change locks, you may have a victim of abuse or someone with hypothermia to a dog in a hot car that did not make it. We see it all as locksmiths and you need that customer facing time to understand our job. That's why we will aim to get you into that role either through your new business as we give you set jobs to training jobs on the course. 

Online Training
Online locksmith training, online courses in locksmithing, learning to be a locksmith online

We know its a large topic, so many skill sets, well over 200 in total to learn so that is why we have produced a full online video archive that we call the Virtual Instructor (TM) as you will watch each lesson again, keeping your new knowledge fresh, it can be called up on a job site via your phone and you see "how to" do what it is that your tasked with doing. We also back this with manuals and eBooks created and written by your instructor Steven J Taylor along with many other online training aspects. 

Customer Care Training
Happy locksmith customer, Taylors Locksmiths Gateshead

Sales and customer care training is vital. Just look at our reviews and the customers with the thumbs up which wins us more business, we receive countless recommendations and in turn become family locksmiths where people are proud to call us there locksmith and pass on our business details, we do this via our care and sales training meaning you to will receive the same feedback from your new customers! We will show you how we get solid 5 star reviews on all platforms that always leads to more work.

Further Job Training
Steven J Taylor Master Locksmith. Cars, high end

If you are within our working areas then we will aim to pass work to you once the course is completed. This work is discounted work that you will get paid to do, you will actually earn as you learn, but the customer receives a discount as they know your learning. This gets you used to how the jobs work without a aid by your side. That's when it becomes fun, like the day we got to play with cars when the owner lost his keys to his garage. The student got him in and even got a free spin in a Lamborghini.

Website and More
Locksmith web design

We will build you a website the works, it looks good and has the skills to get to Google and stay there. Its a simple equation. If you have 100.000 people living in your area, you are at a top position on Google on page one of Google, you will get a phone call each time a customer searches for a local locksmith, we need you to get found first and take the job! But there is more to it than that, customers need to buy from a trusted site, a site that looks good, has a solid foundation and Google will only rank the best so that's why we build the best and give you full training in updating your site from your home to maintain your online rankings!

Example 1Example 2Example 3Example 4Example 5Example 6, Example 7, Example 8, Example 9

Mobile Website Build
Mobile locksmith web design

With over 90% of people searching for business online via Google via their mobile devices it's important that we create your a full mobile phone friendly website to make sure your site is mobile and tablet friendly so search engines will rank you better and the customer will find you quicker and call you for work. We build you a full website with the top 3 courses we offer, see our Master Locksmith Course or our Mobile Locksmith Course or even our Budget Locksmith Course for a more simplistic course and easy to use features and one click call buttons plus much more. 


This will help drive more customers to your website which in turn will result in more business for yourself! 

Social Marketing
Social Marketing Training for Locksmiths

Along with your website and mobile website you will need a social setup with full training in Google business and how SEO works for you via social network sites.


You will learn how to use social networks to your advantage and how to create sales from social sites along with advertising campaigns and marketing.


These sites act as your online reviews and customer care platforms that create healthy backlinks which in turn feeds your website and helps people find you faster online which results in more customer traffic


You will have full training in this so don't worry

Require Accommodation?

Our locksmith training facility in Newquay Cornwall offers trainee locksmiths who train with us,  accommodation as part of there course package. 

This is a self catering package and you will be staying at Trethiggey Holiday Park in Quintrell Downs Newquay, just a 2 4 miles from the beach and 1 mile from Towan. You will have access to a luxury 4 birth holiday park home! 

The best part is that you can bring your family as we allow up to 4 people including the training locksmith to stay for the course duration, from 2, 3 or 5 days of training! 

We are right by 3 amazing Cornish pubs that serve food, a lovely café. We can also arrange airport pickup from Newquay airport and we have a bus stop outside the holiday park with a metro only 8 minutes walk away!

Locksmith training with accommodation
Locksmith training with accommodation
Locksmith training with accommodation and meal
Locksmith training with accommodation
Ask For More Info!
24, Our Aftercare Program
We are there 24 Hours Each Day to Support You and Your Business

Once your training has ended, we don't just stop working with you, we are always there 24 hours each day for advice. If your stuck on a job or unsure about a contract or tender then we will help and advise you on whats best for you and your business for up to 24 months after the course has ended and even then its free to call for advice..

You will be able to contact us via:

  • 24 Hour Phone

  • 24 Hour Text and Image Messaging 

  • 24 Hour Email, Image and Video Messaging 

  • 24 Hour On Call Direct Video Calling so we can see your job and advise on what the best plan of attack would be, we can talk you through any job your unsure of. 

  • 24 Hour Emergency Call Out, the best part if you are local and get really stuck we will come out and help you on the job! 

  • 2 Free refresher days for up 24 month after the course plush much more

Locksmith tools
Locksmith tools
Locksmith tools

We Always Include Your Tools and Stock!

We include a full locksmith tool package in our top courses, these are the same tools we use on a day to day basis, these will see you get started but will eventually need upgrading or replacing in time but they will get the business going and its means less setup costs to you as we get them at trade price which saves you money and as you make more money you can buy higher grade equipment and freshen up your tool kit. 

There are no gimmick tools and all tools we supply are tools you will use each and every day during the course and after the course. Many new locksmiths that don't do our course spend thousand on tools they will never use! 

We also supply you with a starter stock pack, this will be the most common sizes of locks to mechanisms, handles and more that's found in the UK. This stops you buying stock you will never use saving you  more money. 

Do I Have To Manage My Own Websites?

No you do not, we take on many people that have no online skills, some don't use social media at all and that's fine, we understand you just want to go and make money. That's why we have options available where our web design company will manage your website for a small yearly fee, this will include all Google updates, inscriptions and legal updates, special offers and sale updates along with yearly maintenance of the URL and SEO changes along with keywords and backlinks. But we will train you in the most basic aspect of been able to access your site and carry out weekly fresh content updates which are really simple. If you can write a letter or email then you can do this! Confidence in learning something new is the key and this world is changing fast, the old ways are fading away and now if your not online then your business does not exist! Speak to us about this as it can help shorten the course time and save you money!

Still Have More Questions? 

Why not view our FAQ's page and find out more about what we offer. Already you can see we are the right choice as we surpass all other courses in the UK. We are simply the only choice as offer the only full pack, we are locksmiths, we are business managers, we have a team of designers and website builders to accountants and legal. 

You can also speak to us to find out more about courses but we don't send out literature as everything you need to know is on this website, read it fully and compare us against what others are offering.

Taylors Locksmiths History
Taylors Locksmiths History
Taylors Locksmiths History
Taylors Locksmiths History





We Have Been in Business Since 1948!

Taylors Locksmiths are one of the oldest trading locksmiths in the UK. We were first created by the late John Taylor in 1948. By the 1970s we went mobile with small yellow vans and by 1981 we launched our locksmith training apprentice training. By the 1995 we were training locksmiths as a separate businesses and by 2022 we had created the UK's first full online locksmith training course and went on to lunch 8 successful businesses from the Online training alone. in 2023 we opened our 3rd locksmith training facility in Newquay Cornwall.


We are the only locksmith training provider in the UK that offers a full tool kit, not just a few picks but an actual locksmith trading tool kit, along with stock of hardware along with a full business build, websites, branding to business training from accounting to legal and more!

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