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Mobile Master Locksmith Training Course Gateshead & Cornwall

36 Week Level 4 Locksmith Course With a Locksmith Business Package and All Business Setup Costs!

Welcome to our Mobile Master Locksmith business start up and locksmith training course in Gateshead and Newquay Cornwall UK, below you will find as much information as we can give you about this Mobile Locksmith course, please read this entire page in full.

Our Mobile Master Locksmiths business package is designed to give you hands on experience in using all the tools of the locksmiths trade and take them home, along with full locksmiths skills for all locks from residential to commercial. The course is delivered by a level 6 LTTA awarded and certified instructor. Upon completion you will receive a level 4 Master Locksmith Award and a Level 2 in Locksmith Business Management along with the SCAUK certification plus you will have a business and star trading as a self employed locksmith.


  • LTTA Certified Locksmith Training

  • Online Training in Foundation Level 1

  • 5 Days of hands on training with a Master Locksmith

  • 36 Weeks of Total Training, on jobs, at home online and in our lock lab in either Gateshead or Newquay!

  • High Security lock picking Level 1, 2 & 3

  • Level 1 & 2 in EPG entry

  • Level 2 in decoding

  • EU and UK Locks Level 1 & 2

  • Understanding how locks work with videos and manuals

  • Residential Locksmith Level 1, 2,3 & 4

  • Commercial and High Security Locksmith Level 1, 2  & 3

  • UPVC doors and window training level 1 & 2

  • Gearbox and Mechanisms level 1, 2 & 3

  • Automatic and electronic mechs Level 1, 2 & 3

  • Composite door locks and issues Level 1, 2 & 3

  • Multi point Bypass Level 1 & 2

  • UPVC & Multi Point Servicing Level 1 & 2

  • Manual Lock picking cylinder locks Level 1, 2 & 3

  • Manual Picking High Security locks Level 3

  • Latch locks, bypass, fitting and opening Level 1 & 2

  • Lock opening mortise locks Level 1 & 2

  • Mortice lock Decoding Level 1 & 2

  • Mortice Lock Picking Level 1 & 2 

  • Mortice Lock Pick Making Level 1 & 2

  • Lock picking padlocks and shackle locks Level 1

  • Bypassing Padlocks Level 1

  • Combination lock opening Level 1

  • Tools and how to use them and maintain them

  • Safes engineer Level 1

  • Fitters Course Level 1 & 2

  • Teo and Heeling Level 1 & 2

  • Full Business Package

  • Website for Desktop

  • Website for Mobile Devices

  • Website for Tablets

  • Logo and Graphic Design Package 

  • Marketing and SEO Package 

  • All Solicitors Fees Included, Trademark, Terms and Conditions and all Legal!

  • SCAUK Membership

  • GMLUK Membership 

  • Mobile Locksmith Stock Package 

  • Mobile Locksmith Tool Kit Package 

  • Mobile ,Locksmith Home Lock Lab Training Kit for online training with your instructor!

  • 2 FREE refresher days if required!

  • 24 Hour call-out if you ever need us!

  • Full 24 Month aftercare program!

  • On the job Training!

  • Online Training, train from home in your own time!

  • One to one video call training

  • 5 Days of Hands on face to Face training in either Gateshead of Newquay Cornwall.

  • Accommodation available on our Newquay Cornwall Courses for 6 nights in a luxury holiday park home!

  • plus much more...

Mobile locksmith training, train to be a locksmith. Learning locksmith and changing parts. Fixing doors.
  • Level 4 Locksmith Training Package

  • Online Locksmith Training Package

  • 5 Days of Face to Face Training Package

  • Locksmith Took Kit Package 

  • Home Training Lock Lab Package 

  • Locksmith Stock Package 

  • 15 Week Business Training Package 

  • Website Business Package 

  • Marketing and Advertising Package 

  • Logo and Branding Package 

  • Legal, Trademark, Copyright, Consumer Law Package

  • Solicitors, Terms & Conditions Package 

  • Data Protection and Trading Compliance Package

  • Health and Safety, Risk Assessment Package

  • SCAUK Safe Contractor Approved Package

  • Plus Much More!! 

Mobile locksmith training, train to be a locksmith. Learning locksmith and changing parts. Fixing doors.
Mobile locksmith training, train to be a locksmith. Learning locksmith and changing parts. Fixing doors.
Mobile locksmith training, train to be a locksmith. Learning locksmith and changing parts. Fixing doors.

About The Mobile Locksmith Course

We know what to focus on with emphasis of this course been based on the kinds of mobile locksmith work we undertake, dealing with scenarios such as as repossessions to dealing with dogs or baby's in hot cars, what jobs we actually get called out to in a emergency so our focus will be on everything from the multi-point locking mechanism and the real jobs we actually do as locksmiths in today's trade. 

We will be looking at all types of locks commonly found in the UK from average security to advance high security locks and hardware such as Ultion, Yale Triple Platinum and more and dealing with them in an emergency situation.


Along with learning all of the skills needed to become a skilled locksmith you will also be trained in the vital tool of Market, cross marketing and up selling of locks and hardware, services and goods. You will also cover customer care and voice modulation to help you win an appointment over the phone by asking the right questions when the customer calls.


We will cover the administration side of the job but in this course we cut out some areas to keep the cost down from the master locksmith course as you simply don't need them in this style of business, however we still include training in all pricing information to legal binding documents that you may need a customer to sign, along with full terms of service and terms and conditions for your business which cost up to £1450 to have created by a solicitor for your new company but you will also receive this as part of the course along with legal training in consumer law, insurance regulations, fire rated law and regulations and much more.


You will receive a mobile locksmith tool kit full of locksmith tools. This is a light weight easy to store kit that we use day to day, the kit fits easy in a  boot of a small car or even can be broken up and placed on a motorcycle if you choose to do rapid response in city traffic, it has things like lock decoders, mortice jig, electronic pig gun and so much more. 


You also get a Guild of Master Locksmiths qualification GMLUK Level 4 Award certification along with an accompanying letter to state you have carried out a full master locksmith course with Taylors Locksmith Training Academy in Gateshead or in Cornwall which will allow you get work with local councils, police and and to be listed with websites like Check a Trader and other vetting sites. You will also receive your SCAUK certification as you will passed the Safe Contractor Approved criteria during your business training and locksmith training. 


You will also have a professional locksmith business website created for you with a custom website address created that will also be mobile phone friendly which Google will rank you higher for. We will create your brand and identity with high resolution logos, you can use your new logo design for printing or so you can have the logo embroidered on to work clothing. We will be focusing on SEO related to Google my business packages and rankings online so customers can find you easy and leave 5 star ratings which will bring in customers. This by itself is worth over £10k for the website and S.E.O package through Blue Reef Designs who create all of our websites including this one your on.  Your mobile website will look similar to the one you can see in the image. 

We will build your online business platform such as social sites to fresh content blogs with a advertising video that we use online to boost your website, custom photos and advertisements to drive your brand and image..

We Have NOW Changed How This Course Works from 2022 Onwards! 

Since the pandemic hit the UK it made businesses radically change how they operated and we are no different and its also been one of the best changes we we could have created. Basically we have now rolled out a hybrid locksmith course which is the mobile locksmith course and the online locksmith course in one. Its taking the course from 15 weeks to 36 weeks. What this means is that you for the first part of the course get to train at home in your own time, this creates the vital fundamentals required to be successful as a locksmith operating there own business. 

You will have live online sessions during this first stage of the course, we send you a full training lock lab that you setup at home, you then have the same tools, same training items that we have here. You will practice and research, learn and create a solid foundation to build your new business upon. The first generation of locksmiths to undertake this new style of training have I  many ways out performed the older students. This is due to retention of vital information, time served under longer training time at home and not in a class where the student may feel rushed to keep up with other students. When a student is face to face in the lock lab we may cover 4 subject areas which could have up to 60 parts to of training and this means that the students retention of key information is less than when the student trains at home in there own time. This means they need less assistance later in there career, they know how to deal with more complex jobs meaning they are not turning down work as they have the time served. 

However, once your time has been served learning the foundation and fundamentals of both the locksmith trade and the business aspects of the locksmith trade you will then move into our physical program where we will carry out face to face training in the lock lab to correct and refine technical skills as we move on to working on the real homes. From this point you will attend the jobs and ghost the locksmiths on duty, following them at work and seeing the jobs from start to end, from how we handle the phone calls, get a face to face with a client, close a sale and how we deal with invoicing and receiving payments and all the issues that unfollowed in between. You will also spend time with one of our office mangers who will show how the back office operates, dealing with customer care, sourcing parts, chasing late invoices, dealing with accounting and so much more.

Also new for 2022 onwards we will be adding a UPVC specialist aspect to this course where we will be dealing with all the aspects of the UPVC door and window related issues, such as removing panels, re-beading, toe and healing along with servicing to help the locksmith expand there knowledge on such subjects. We also now include a full UPVC door fitters and tool kit!

We have also included a new multi point section dealing with automatic locking multi points, electric multi points and a new high security section that deals with decoding of high security locks and hardware along with using multi picks. We have updated our fitters package and we now include more tools based on fitting. 

We can now also offer accommodation at our Newquay Cornwall Lock Training Facility which is a luxury holiday park home as we partnered with Trethiggey Holiday Park who we are based beside in Cornwall. We do not however offer accommodation in Gateshead. 

There is a whole lot more that's been achieved for this course and offered and based on student feedback. This course is now into its 4th generation update as of 2024.

  • 36 week locksmith training course, Online and face to face, on real jobs and more!

  • 5 days of face to face one to one hands on locksmith training.

  • a 4 week pre training online foundation level award.

  • 21 weeks of master locksmith training one to one online via video calling to a level 4 award!

  • 15 Weeks of business management training online and one to one!

  • Get 2 free refresh days for up to 24 month after the course!

  • 24 Hour help, if your ever stuck after the course we can still help!

  • 24 Hour Video calling to see locks, issues and advice after training!

  • We work around you with one to one training!

  • Full online video archive for you to sit and re-watch each session again after the course

  • No large classroom groups, all our training is one to one!

  • You will receive our eBook's on the subjects of lock picking to business that you can keep and study.

  • Work on a real home, windows and doors

  • We supply all the tools and stock you will need to start trading!

  • We will build you a  website so you can get found by your new customers!

  • We will guide you each way, step by step!

What Will You Receive On This Course?

The Level 4 Mobile Master Locksmith Course is the most complete Mobile Master Locksmith course and the only one of its kind in the UK and as far as we know the world. We don't want to just train you and dump you, we want you to make a change in your life and create a real income, prosper and do something amazing and help us carry our brand on and your new brand together so we both can make money.  Below are some of the highlights of the course, details are below, but note we don't advertise every part of what makes our course your only choice as we don't want our competition to copy what we do, we are often imitated but never recreated.


You will also become a Guild of Master Locksmiths member and you will earn the Safe Contractor Approved badge once your business training is completed! 

Mobile locksmith training, train to be a locksmith. Learning locksmith and changing parts. Fixing doors.
Mobile locksmith training, train to be a locksmith. Learning locksmith and changing parts. Fixing doors.
Mobile locksmith training, train to be a locksmith. Learning locksmith and changing parts. Fixing doors.
Blue Reef Designs, web design company

Thinking Long Term with 24 Support 

We Include a Locksmith Tool Package

Locksmith tools and training

Its easy to buy the wrong tools. Many tools sold online are for emergency entry by the fire service etc. If we were to use them them for our business they can cause future issues that you would have to pay for due to warranty issues. Yes they can get you in quick but it will allow other components to fail within the coming days. that you will have to pay to repair.  We supply all the technical locksmith tools you require to undertake the course and trade as a locksmith Its a full tool set of technical locksmith tools such as an EPG electronic pick gun, hand picks, decoding tools, mortice jig, plus many, many more from multi tool cutters, blades and servicing tools, UPVC door toe and Heeling tool. Its a huge selection of kit we use daily on our real jobs. We offer the most comprehensive tool set on any locksmith course valued at over £800 at trade price. If you bought these separate you would be paying well over £1000 plus. 

Full Online Business Package

web designer, graphic designer Blue REEF Designs

We have a partner business called Blue Reef Design who are a website and online business development company that have launched over 120 online businesses since we bought them out 15 years ago. That's 4 full website business each year for 15 years that take around 3 months each to develop and launch along with 60 budget based business that take around 1 month each to develop and launch. We do this so you don't have to. One it would cost you well over £2500 to £10k depending on your requirements and how long it took with most developers charging a rate of £25 to £120 per hour and just on the lower rate at 8 hours a day for a month is £4000. We take care of it as part of this package and we have BLD create you an online business, that's all social pages, Google business setup, apps and more to make sure your business can be found online the number one place people go to when searching for a locksmith. We use the latest in AI Artificial Intelligence to create the perfect recipe for online success which in turn will bring in the calls for work. You still need to convert them calls into jobs and then money but our business development package will also train you in how to do that plus much more! 

Hands on and Online Locksmith Training

Locksmith training, hands on training, learn to be a locksmith


We have a specific training style and it works, its produced the best locksmiths in the UK and the reason for this is time. Time is the key to all locksmiths becoming good at there craft. Everything takes time. I could give you a guitar and 3 days of training and then say go and play a headline set with Guns and Roses and you would suck, fail and get boos and negative reviews. Well that's what happens why you buy into cheap 3 day courses. You do not have time to learn, the skills your trained in are old, out of date skills. We know this as we have done every course in the UK to product test them for research. Our courses start online with a foundation training. We do this as you can learn in your own time at your rate and not trying to keep up with a class of 6 or more. You can rewatch the videos as many times as you want. You will actively research information and learn with one to one training via video calling. We do this so by the time you come into our lock lab for your hands on training you will have already passed your foundation level 1 exam and you will be ready to take on your level 2 and 3 locksmith training. As part of this course you will receive 5 days of hand son training before you return home to carry on your online locksmith training as we prepare you to start your level 4 master locksmith award. You can start trading at a level 3 award but carry on training while while working so you can then gain bigger contract work such as forensic locksmithing, covert entry and more.  On this course you will 15 weeks of training along with a 5 day locksmith training course. That's more than any other provider in the UK or the world and its because we are not just training locksmiths. We are responsible for also creating you a locksmith business and putting you in a position online to make money. So we have to train your correctly! Our reputation depends on your success!

Your Home Training Package

Gateshead locksmith training STOCK PACKAGE

For you to be able to learn from home means that we send you our latest in home training package. This is a specifically designed home training locksmith kit that you can setup in your backroom, shed or garage. Ideally away from interruptions but with good WIFI as you will need a laptop to complete the online sections and receive video calls from your LTTA certified instructor. 


Your kit will have everything in it you need to learn from foundation based locks that we have repined to allow the  difficulty level to increase as you move stage by stage and learn skills such as lock picking. We have included many multi point mechanism as you will be mastering these with multi point being the majority of todays work. You have a repining mats to protect your work space and keep your screws and pins on the mat when taking locks apart to lock picking vices and many items of hardware that we will train you on. You will make home jigs following our online instructions so you then have your own lock lab picking jigs that you can perform entry skills on. We also include a plug and play webcam that can plug into any laptop on work via our video calling app along with a tripod for your phone. This allows us to be able to carry out online training and see your hands as you pick and work on locks and your own doors and windows. 

Our Locksmith Business Package!

24 Months of Career Coaching!

Locksmith business, start a locksmith business
Safe Contractor Approved Award

Our business package will not only create a full locksmith business for your and bring in work but it will also train you in dealing with work correctly and legally. We will train you in consumer law, insurance regulations and business regulations to health safety, risk assessment to how the locksmith business actually works, from advertising and how we market ourselves to bring in actual work and why paper advertising is dead. We will develop a marketing strategy for you based on the issues you will encounter such as stiff competition, going head to head with million pound plus businesses for work online. How to take phone calls and what to say using simple loose scripts to make sure you do not under quote or over quote. How to take a phone call enquire into a face to face meeting and then how to quote to get the job. You then use your locksmith training to complete the job and then you will use your business training to take payment, generate an  invoice to dealing with none paying clients and how we work with our terms and conditions that our solicitors will create for you. This alone would cost you over £1450 in solicitor fees but we include this in our business package as we need to train you in them and consumer rights. You will also undertake courses in Data Protection, public liability and we will meet the requirements of the GMLUK to earn you your Safe Contractor Approved badge which has a strict code of conduct and strict criteria but only Guild of Master Locksmiths accredited locksmiths will carry this badge on your online business and physical business. There is too much to name here in what we will train you in and once your training has ended we are there for 24 months after your course should you encounter any issues. We can then coach you through such issues!

Locksmith Business Legal Training and Consumer Law

modern locksmith and woman signing contracts

Its easy to get caught up in a legal web, customers that wont pay, invoices outstanding to fraud. When your business is created we will cover all areas of the legal training from creating bespoke terms and conditions which bought separately would cover a £1450. We will look at copyright, image and brand trademarks and making sure you are protected along with public liability insurance to home insurance and business insurance regulations, fines and pitfalls to keep you and your business safe. We will look at DBS / CRB checking and working with the police and much more!

You need to understand building regulations and the UK law for dealing with Homes of Multiple Occupancy and fire rated hardware regulations and the UK law to consumer law and creating contracts for work. Locksmith is more than just fitting and changing locks. Them locks have stipulations and rules based around safety and fire regulations, insurance regulations and more. Failing to do these things correctly will leave you open and liable to end up in court and charged or fined. We need to make sure your business and you are free from business ombudsman issues. 

Locksmith Logos and Branding Designed for Your New Business! 

Locksmith logo design, logos for locksmiths, graphic design. Blue Reef Designs Newquay

As part of the business development our designers at Blue Reef Designs will create a number of logos and brands for your business and we will carry out consumer tests online to see which one the public would or would not pick and why. Psychology plays a huge part in our decision making and we want to make sure the right logo is created and tested for your new business. Once created you will receive a high resolution version of the image along with images in a letter head version, a clothing print version and advertising version for the sides of vans, shop fronts or billboards. You will also recive the colour codes for any advertising colour matching along with font information.


As part of the logo design, our design team will work with the online business development team to add your branding to your online content such as special banners that are for Facebook headers for your new business pages and other online content to invoicing forms and more!

Account & Bookkeeping Training

Sales and Script Training

Companies House Registration

Customer care& Aftercare Training 

Marketing Strategy Training

Data Protection Training

Invoicing, Terms of Service Training

Stock Management Training

Stock & Tool Trade Accounts

Guild of Master Locksmith Membership

Safe Contractor Approved Membership

All Solicitor Fees Included!

Our Price Promise To You!

We are so sure that we can't be beat on what we offer, on price and on skill and success level that if you can find a locksmith course in the UK that offers the exact same as we offer in training, in tool package, in business package with a website package the same as what we offer, with the same or better in marketing package with the legal package etc, then we will give you the course with 50% off! That's how sure we are that we can't be beat on price, on what we offer as we are the only company in the UK that has this one of a kind training! You either choose a locksmith school that just trains locksmiths then have to be using many other businesses to create what we do at a greater expense to yourself. We are a in house, one stop shop for the entire business setup making it easier and quicker and stress free! 

Graphic Design and Video Advertisement

We will design you a full video advertisement that we will use online to help boost your website rankings via social media website quality rankings and bring in new business. Well-designed logos and high-quality banner ads can be very effective, however digital video advertising is a strategy that can work for any type of business and is set to skyrocket within the coming years. Google looks at things such as how long a visitor stays on your website, it will rank a website higher in the search engine when people spend longer on the website as Google will look at the time spent and if people are spending time that signals that the website has quality content so it will place you above your competition. So we will create a video that keeps people on the site, that is why we create a full video like the one featured here. Why not click on the video twice to enlarge the video and make sure you can hear the audio. 

We will embed this into your website for a better customer experience which also means you get business from the video. We will have this featured on all of your social sites with direct driven links to your new website. This is just a snippet of what we can do to make sure your new business and brand is a force to be reckoned with, taking on the best position in Google.

Learn More!

Learn more about our Mobile Master Locksmith Course as we break it down in this simple video! 

This course has so many elements it can be a tad confusing! So we have created a simple video that explains a little bit more about the course. Setting up a business is not easy and we cant even cover the scope of what we have to do as part of this service on a website as we would end up with pages of information!

Also see below for full details and breakdown of the course!

Locksmith training, locksmiths picks open first lock
Cornwall and Devon Locksmith Training, Locksmith school, locksmith courses
Locksmith training Durham, Locksmith opens first door
Course Price and Breakdown

Course price break down and WHAT IT WOULD COST if you bought these separate!


  • Locksmith course parts £8,348 (Priced against other trainers as of 2024) such as a safe engineer at £1200, Locksmith Level 1 at £1100, Locksmith Level 2 at £2250, Locksmith Level 3 at £1100, UPVC course at £500, Locksmith fitters course at £399 Multi point Bypass Course £1200, Foundation Locksmith Training £599  plus we offer way more!

  • High Security Lock Picking and Decoding Course £450

  • Locksmiths tools between £300 and £800 depending on package or discounts!

  • Locksmith stock and hardware £600

  • Customer care course £250

  • Marketing course £250

  • Online business development priced against other designer priced at £4000 to £10k

  • Search Engine Optimisation for the business priced against other SEO plans £1800 

  • Logo design and branding £950 (Priced against other business as of 2024)

  • Solicitor fees and terms and conditions registration and legal fees£1450

  • Sundries such as your insurance during the course and much more £289

  • Locksmith home training kit, webcam and tripod etc £300 trade price, you would pay £975

  • Business Package build, such as your invoicing apps and more £2300

  • New video advertisement worth  £1200 

  • eBook package featuring our best selling eBook's by Steven J Taylor £100

  • Video Online training Archive Access £900

Total Should be = £30,662 if your did this alone without our course!


Our Price for our Mobile Master Locksmith Business Course

The cost of this course is paid by 1 x deposit of £499

then the final balance 28 days before the course of £4000

You may also pay a off the course before the course starts by making weekly payments. Ask for more info!

Total Price You Pay is £4500 in Gateshead, saving you £26,162

Total Price You Pay is £4799 in Newquay Cornwall with Accommodation saving you £25,863


Credit card payments also taken

We do offer this course in a 36 week format online training for only £3500 with at home and online training Learn More!


NOTE: Taylors only take 4 students each year for this course, we are very selective of who we take as we put our name to you so we need you to make sure the business is a success, it has to work and that means commitment on both end both parties crate the business!

Places Available for 2024: We have 2 Spaces in Gateshead left for October enrolment, November for online training and December for face to face training.

We have 1 space left for training in Newquay Cornwall with Accommodation. Any date of your choice as its one to one.  

Locksmith training awards
Locksmith training, train to be a locksmith, safe opening, student locksmith opens first safe
Mobile locksmith training, train to be a locksmith. Learning locksmith and changing parts. Fixing doors.

Our Newquay Locksmith Training Lab along with luxury holiday park accommodation in Newquay! Locksmiths who choose the=is option call it the locksmith holiday with places available from February till October each year!

Locksmith course and accommodation, accommodation while on locksmith training course

You can also book our Locksmith Training Holiday! 6 Nights for up to 4 People in Newquay Cornwall!

Locksmith tools, mortice jig, mortise jig

We also have this course available at our Cornwall and Devon Locksmith Training School in Newquay Cornwall and we have partnered up with Trethiggey Holiday Park next door to our training school to be able to offer you and the family 6 nights accommodation for your family that's if you want to bring them! You will have access to one of Trethiggey Holiday Parks luxury holiday park homes for 6 nights while you under take 5 days of hands on training from 9.30am to 3,30pm after that you can relax and enjoy Newquay. 

Price for training and accommodation: Deposit £700 to secure accommodation and tools packs etc. £4799 left to pay before attending the course.

The proof is in the links to the reviews! - It worked for these guys! It can work for you!

Danny, Hirst Locksmith, Lock Picking, door lock, door strip, mechanisim, fitting door hard

Danny Hirst - Hirst Locksmiths Galashiels Scotland

Danny is one of our leading students bosting an impressive military history and this discipline allowed Danny to focus and replicate exactly what we have shown him and he has gone on to drive his business forward. He has the odds stacked against him, he is in a small village of only a few thousand people in the borders of Scotland but using our marketing strategies he has daily work and made almost £30k in his first year! Since then he has grown his business in the last 4 years and has bult up an impress 200 plus 5 star reviews using our marketing training! Check his website here, see his reviews here! Here is Danny's Facebook and you can see the success he has from his photos and content!

Here is an informal interview we did with Danny after his first year of working as a self employed locksmith in Scotland. Danny himself undertook this course but decided not to do the hands on section and completed it 100% from home in his own time. In this video we discuses what that was like along with the money he has been making and many other things related to the locksmith industry!

Take a look and check him out! Also it was recorded in 29c weather, hence the summer clothing!

Locksmith training Cornwall Devon, Newquay

Andy Roper - Ropers Locksmiths Sunderland

Andy came to use from a police background, he had done a number of other courses and decided it was time to leave the police force and become a locksmith and chose us to deliver his course as he was in a highly competitive market area with stiff competition but we created his a business that was priced right. He again understood the assignment and marketing and has gone on to be very successful in his area. Andy said he would have liked to have done a Toe and Heeling Course as part of his training! So we listened and we added that to this course! Here is his website. Here are his reviews over 150 five star reviews, here is his Facebook!


Mike Stewart - Stewarts Locksmiths Scotland

Mike was a car valuator with his own business when he came to us. He undertook the Mobile Master Locksmith Training in 2023 and has done very well in his first year. He has won contact work with estate agents, local housing and more. Mike is still growing his business but he is using the skills he was taught to move his business forward. Mike did not use some of his skills in marketing correctly and led to him having a slump in work. He called us up and explained and we looked into his website and online business. We realised what he had done wrong and gave him a talking to and he put into place the marketing that Andy and Danny both us and has to started to gain momentum! Here is his website. Here are his reviews. Here is his Facebook! Lesson here is follow us to the letter and you will be as successful as Danny and Andy!

We could carry on with many examples of guys who came to use  and we worked with them to build there dream business. You have to remember, we are not just locksmith trainers but we are also business developers who create a future for you in locksmithing and the proof is in the links. Visit there businesses to see more!

Book Now!

Want to hear more about how you can start your own locksmith business? Contact Taylors Locksmith Training Academy Gateshead today to schedule a session.

Building Office 2, 51 Carr Hill Rd, Gateshead NE9 5LQ, UK

Trainng at TLS 16 Millyway, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, NE95PQ

CDLT, Trethiggey, Newquay, Cornwall  TR84QR

07525 639943

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