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Learn From Home With One to One Instruction for UNLIMITED Access!!

With our ever changing world and since the lockdowns Taylors Locksmith Training Academy had to find new ways to teach our locksmith skills. This new course was born out of that success, which minimised contact but actually allowed a longer course in your own time and the end product which is you has a vaster knowledge and a much more solid foundation to build your new business upon!

Here is how it works: 

First we send you a full lock lab that you can setup in your own home, this has everything inside it that you need from your vices to tools, all your training aids even your stock. You will have re pinned, high quality training locks that have been changed to be more difficult like they are in real life vs buying cheap training locks online. You get actual locks from real jobs to work on, these are full metal locks and hardware such as mechanisms, full locking strip all the way to door hinges and so much more. 

We then teach one to one online, basically the same tool and lock our instructor has in my hand you have in your hand. We send high definition cameras that plug directly into a laptop of PC and work without any downloads so you can angle the camera on your tools and we can see what your doing and how your doing it and the same with us. You also get the tripods to be able to use a tripod on your own phone, turning your phone into a live camera which cved around so we can see what your doing on your end such as working on your own doors, gaining entry etc.


We have invested thousands in high end cameras which allow you to see all aspects of what we are doing when operating on the locks in our lock lab, on our doors or out on live jobs. 

You simply log onto our brand new video archive sections with your own private pass code that's linked to your IP address and new business. Each section is broken down into sections online that consist of videos, ebooks and e-papers on each subject to give you as much information on each subject as possible.


You will have your meetings with your instructor online and you will have your assignments just like we do when you are with us during our normal courses.


We give your a session of training, then you log on online and you will have a series of videos to watch, then you get to download all our e-papers, ebooks on that subject which gives you a full rounded learning experience from watching, doing, reading and researching each modular then actually testing on it in the real world at the lock lab with an instructor which allows us to finetune your new skill sets.


The difference is your at home and safe. You can learn the modules in your own time. Watching each section online and practicing. Once your done that and completed that module and feel you can move on our head instructor will go over any questions, correct any issues before booking an appointment to visit us. Once you have completed each courses section and module you will then visit our lock lab and undertake an outdoor series of tests and iron out an issues, putting the whole training experience into practice on the real doors. 

The training sections can be for half hour or a few hours at a time, night or day and we can work around yourself. Its super easy and a fun way to learn without time restraints 

We offer this form of training on our mobile locksmith courses only.

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Online Locksmith Course UK
Andy Roper, Locksmith in Seaburn Sunderl
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Andy learns picking on his own door at home during the online training course!

Online Locksmith Training Course - The Only One of it's Kind!

Before you read on, I recommend you take a look at this video of Danny from Hirst Locksmiths as he explains why he chose Gateshead Locksmith Training and the Online Locksmith Course. How long it took to start earning money and what he experienced undertaking this course.

Our courses speak for themselves when we have students that are out earning £30k to £70k a year with some going on to make much more as they have expanded. See our past students online business, these are only a handful!. 24hr | Stewarts Locksmiths | Gifford

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How Long Does The Course Run For?

This course has a time frame of 15 weeks as a target to work to or 36 weeks maximum training time. 99% of students are normally through the course in 15 to 18 weeks. However you have unlimited access to the online training platform, videos and ebooks which now makes it one of the UK's if not the worlds most in-depth locksmith course that covers all topics and modules.

However we don't really add a time stamp. You can get through as fast as you wish and we will work to your timings, undertake the main course within the 15 weeks then take a year of online study with at home learning and really practice your skill sets and theory. You get a total of 90 hours up to 180 hours. Often these can be simply 2 hours on a Monday to advise on the week's course ahead and assignments then on a Wednesday you may use 6 hours and again on a Friday you may use 3 hours. Weeks total hours 10. You may find some weeks you can use double or less depending on the topics at hand that week. However the majority of students normally complete the course within 15 - 18 weeks.

The reason we don't advise long days is simply due to how in depth the sessions can be. We recommend taking your time on each topic and mastering each topic both in theory for problem solving and physically in practice before we then have you either attend the lock lab to test on that topic or you submit your test videos for review.  

The reason the hours can be short is that this gives you less information to retain which means you learn more as you can focus on that topic before moving on. Compare that to a normal day's training on site in our lock lab where you may cover 4 modules which can be up to 6 topics per module within 7 hours then go home and practice. You may forget information or key skills. By only taking on a few hours of each day or every other day with your instructor this allows you to practice each module in depth by having your tutur guide you, then give you the assignments. You then watch each video on that assignment and practice till it's perfect. You then record yourself undertaking that assignment and this is sent to your instructor so he can mark it off and then move to the next module.

We do have SET TARGET deadlines we will want to achieve. Such as it's better to launch your business for the end of winter, no later than early spring. This is due to the influx of work related to bad weather. Outside of that time frame means launching a business into a slow market which means a slow start to the business and a lack of income. If we miss this target date then we will look to launch for the Autumn early winter time frame. So even though we allow a long time period to learn we still have a structured time frame for when the website and business needs to launch. 

Do I Get everything that's advertised on the course page? 

Yes you do. If you choice the Mobile Locksmith Course. Then you get everything that course covers PLUS much more. Due to the extended time frames it means we can offer you a Master Locksmith style online course when it comes to the training modules as its so in depth. We can cover a vast amount in that time and really allow you to under go each module, training on each section with one to one video training online and then on the actual job! 

Do I Still Get On The Job Training? 

Yes you do. Its a tad different to how we used to it. If you want the on the job training we will basically book a day for you. You will drive your own vehicle to each job and work a day with our locksmith on all aspect of the job. You will still carry out the work to taking payments and much more! 

How Many Days Onsite Training Do I Get?

With the online course you get up to 5 site visits. We tend to time this with the topic you are studying. So if you were studying UPVC door servicing then that's the jobs we will get you on. Our aim to give you onsite real time training.

Do I Still Get A Website, Logos, Graphics Videos, Photos Etc?

Yes, if you chose that kind of course you get what that course offers but online its way better as you can see our web designers, graphic designers screen. You have more input as you select the colours but don't get too crazy. Our designers will advise you on colour psycholigy and the effect it has on sales, just like logs and graphics, website layout and more! You will do all the office and admin online as we can also see your screen, keeping you right when it comes to learning how the invoice systems work, how the terms and conditions work to legal training and so much more! 

What Do I Need To Be Able To Undertake This Course?

You need yourself, a room with good internet speed, a laptop and a mobile phone. Ideal if you have UPVC, Composite or wood doors, added bonus is any garage doors, shed doors etc to essential for any of them as we send every style of lock in all forms, from simple beginner stage to advanced door security. We even send earphones with a mic, high definition web cams, all your tools which you keep, a full starter stock pack which you keep and of course a full training aids pack and set. Some your keep others we arange for pick up with our courier service. 

How Much Is This Course?

Master Locksmith Online Course - Online training with full unlimited access to all online content, a full mobile locksmith tool kit which has the most common tools we use but you can add an upgraded tool kit! Full training aids kit, a starter stock pack, full online business package with a full Google my Business website, maps listing package, logo design and branding, marketing campaign, online video add, photo shoot, all social media builds plus a full 6 - 8 page independent website with custom URL, with a full invoicing system and full legal training, terms and conditions creation with our solicitor plus 5 session in our lock lab and onsite or on the job training all for only £4500

That's a £500 deposit and the final balance due before the course starts.Total £4500.

Monthly Payment: You may wish to to pay in instalments before the course starts. The course must be paid for in full before you undertake the course. This prevents any loss to ourselves. In the past we have been left out of pocket by thousands after we have paid for tools, stock and website to graphic designs, insurance and more only for a student to cancel the course.

The course can be paid monthly, minimum payment of £500 over 8 payments and 1 payment of £500 for the deposit. Then once paid you can attend the course. All courses must be paid in full before you start the course. 

When Can I Start My Course?

We still run to term times, this means you can't just start whenever as we operate this style of course to a select few only. As you can imagine a course like this takes lots of our instructors time as they don't only teach you they are also working to help build your business and brand and once your session ends we don't just have the rest of the time off, we are working behind the scenes night and day building a full business to launch. Now times that by 4 business, so we only take a maximum of 4 students each term for this style course.


The start date is November and the majority of the students should be fully launched by March. It's very unlikely you will want to spend any longer as you will be eager to get out and make your money back.  The majority of students are up and running within 16 weeks then we spend the rest of the fine tuning, working on strategies to get the brand identity out there and winning contracts, looking at job by job issues and just making sure you are fully operational and you are running as smooth as possible and being found online ad winning the job when quoting. 

Can I Do This Online Without On The Job Training or Coming To You?

Actually, yes you can. We have been delivering online training all around the UK and Europe, Australia and Canada. We have students who train online, we still send you all items to you and arrange for collection. You undertake the full business training, locksmith training and al aspects online. However it works best if you have access to UPVC, Composite or Wood Doors, Garages etc but we can send you all that hardware. You do need to have a head on your shoulders as its going to be on the job learning. Basically when we launch your business in your area we structure it so the customer knows they are getting a new locksmith for a price reduction and this allows you to still train on the job but your instructor is on a tripod on your phone instead of standing by you and they can advise you on each aspect of the job. To be honest no kne has ever needed this and they have gone on to be outstanding locksmiths. 

Is It Cheaper To Do Just The Online Only Training?

Yes is its, this is a Master Locksmith based level 4 course. Now you wont become a master locksmith. That takes a minimum of ten hears of service but you will be able to carry the title of head locksmith. The Master Locksmith Course normally cost £6999 for the course to be carried out in person one to one for 30 weeks. We have managed to create this course online for half that price. So you still get the same level ir not more of an education, time and understanding but you save money.

Both locksmiths on the right, also learned online. They now operate full locksmith business in the UK. However if you visit our Online Master Locksmith Course page you will see real videos from the students. 

Locksmith Sunderland Sunderland Locksmit
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online icons learn to be a locksmith onl

Danny, one of our online students explains what it was like undertaking our online locksmith course!

In this end of term interview with Danny Hirst of Hirst Locksmiths, he explains why he chose Gateshead locksmith training, what it was like learning online living in Scotland during the lockdown. How he found the course and so much more. 

Danny now operates Hirst Locksmiths in Galashiels and at the time of recording tis interview was going into his 2nd week of trading with 9 jobs under his belt already and submitting a quote for a large contact with a holiday letting company worth over £1000 per month. 

Danny has what it takes to be able to become a locksmith, he has a good customer service, he works hard and things outside the box. He is technical minded and loves puzzles and has the drive to make something of himself. Visit Danny's facebook and see how he is doing and see his website and take a look at how we designed it for him.

Arrange an Online Meeting!
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It is so simple to arrange an online meeting where we can look at your area, demographics and just make sure that a new locksmith business is viable option for you, we can explain how it works, give you a taster lock pick session and see our lock lab, how we work on locks. It allows you to see the quality, hear what we say and see if this investment is for you. All that we ask is that you make sure you have a decent set of earphones with a microphone and a good connection to the internet. We would hate to ruin a good meeting where we have spent thousands on the quality of our end to be let down on your end by a poor connection and noisy background. 

This style of training is not for everyone, however as long as you can use a simple app like facebook then you can do this course online. You will need to know how to use your computer, plug in a USB, watch video and click links. Its really that simple. 

We would rather be truthful with you by checking to see if a locksmith business was viable in your area, rather than you going out, spending lots of money on a locksmith course then getting no work and being broke and in the hole from bad training and bad business advice. Sadley we see it all the time. 

You can fill in the form and we will be in touch or call us on 07525639943

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