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The Locksmiths Holiday, A Locksmith Training Course with Accommodation in Newquay Cornwall!

A 7 Day, Level 3 Locksmith Course  with 7 Nights Accommodation in Newquay with a tool package and Stock / Hardware Package with a Website and Business Package!

Welcome to what the past students have termed "The Locksmith Holiday". It has been given that name as the past students love the location with it being set in Newquay Cornwall, one of the UK's best holiday destinations with tranquil blue beaches, pumping surf and night life, amazing restaurants and bars, surf shops to pasty shops. This is a 7 Night Break for the family for up to 4 people and up to 2 dogs with 5 days of locksmith training at our lock lab in Newquay Cornwall. You will be in training from 9.30am until 3.3pm and then you can enjoy the rest of the time with their family. Many students get the course done 3 -4 days and enjoy the rest of the time exploring Cornwall. Accommodation is in a 4 -6 birth holiday static park home. All park holiday homes are from 2021, 2022 and 2023 so they have the latest in cooking facilities, shower and bedrooms, lounge and outdoor relaxation. Please read this entire page in full.

Our Locksmith Holiday Package is  a 5 day training program designed to give you hands on experience in using all the tools of the locksmiths trade and then take them home with you, along with full locksmiths skill set for all locks from residential to commercial. Your 5 day hands on locksmith training session is one to one and delivered by a LTTA certified locksmith instructor!


  • 7 Nights Accommodation in Newquay Cornwall

  • 5 Days one to one Locksmith Training

  • Online pre foundation course

  • Access to the full Level 4 online course after you return home!

  • Understanding how locks work with videos and manuals

  • Lock picking foundation Level 1

  • Lock picking standard pin cylinder locks level 2

  • Lockpicking 1 star and 3 star cylinder locks level 3

  • Dimple lock picking level 3

  • High Security lock picking Level 1 & 2

  • Residential Locksmith skills Level 3

  • Commercial and High Security Locksmith skills Level 3

  • UPVC doors and window course  Level 3

  • Toe and Heeling UPVC course Level 2

  • Gearbox and Mechanisms, strips Level 3

  • Automatic locking mechanisms Level 3

  • Composite door locks and issues Level 3

  • How to service UPVC and the multi point locks Level 3

  • Latch locks, bypass, fitting and opening Level 2

  • Lock opening mortise locks Level 2

  • Level locks, open ended, H levers Level 2

  • Padlocks Level 2

  • Commercial lock opening Level 3

  • Shutter bolts, locks, hardware Level 2

  • Garage door locks, systems Level 2

  • Tools and how to use them and maintain them Level 3

  • Full locksmith tools package

  • Full stock and hardware package 

  • Full home lock lab training package 

  • Fitters Course, Level 3 

  • Lock / parts ordering and sizing, knowing your stock

  • Full trade accounts setup

  • 2 FREE refresher days!

  • 24 Hour call-out if you ever need us!

  • Full aftercare program!

  • How to price up work, rates and so on

  • Starter Business Package, website, Google my Business listings, logo and branding plus much more!

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We Include Your Tools

We include all the tools you need and you get to keep the full kit, its the same style our locksmith use just a budget version.

We Include Your Stock

We include your stock with a starter locksmith stock package, so when your first jobs come in you have the stock to hand and you can re-invest your money and build your business.

One to One Training

All of our training is one to one so you can learn at your pace and ask as many questions as you want to ask.

About The 5 Day Locksmith Course and Business Setup!

The Locksmith Holiday is the perfect chance to combine a training course in locksmithing skills, hands on one to one practice and a holiday with the family or without. The choice is yours. 


You will arrive at Trethiggey Holiday Park in Quintrell Downs over the weekend. Many arrive on the Friday or Saturday, then start the training on the Monday from 9.30am until 3.30pm with lunch in between. It's a self catering course and holiday but you will find all the appliances and accessories you need in your static holiday rental. We have a local shop juts 5 minutes walk or 1 minutes drive from the holiday park with 3 Cornish pubs at the end of the road and an amazing breakfast spot next door. You will be only a few miles from the coast and Town centre. 


The course is hands on with some theory but you will be fitting, removing locks, undertaking a full UPVC and multi point locks and hardware course which involves removal, replacement of parts, dealing with failed parts, deadlocked doors to man made failures. You will be undertaking a full picking curse starting with the basics all the way to hand picking 3 star rated dimple locks without using decoder picks but we will then allow you to learn about them and use the decoder picks once you can pick them by hand. 


You will be undertaking a residential locksmith training course dealing with all locks, doors, windows found in the residential premisses from lever locks to pin tumbler locks, wafer locks to multi point and more. You will also be undertaking the commercial rated locksmith course for dealing with all commercial rated locks and hardware, that's shop shutters, shutter switches, shutter bolts, metal door locks, mortice cylinder, fire rated locks and hardware, digital locks, coded locks, latch systems, anti barricade locks, medical cabinets to vending machines, cash boxes, safes to shipping containers and much more


Not only will you have 7 nights accommodation and 5 days of hands-on training but it's all one to one. This is perfect as we can move at your pace. If you have a good understanding of time on tools then you may get through the course much quicker and then spend more time sunbathing on the beach or spending time on holiday with the family. However if you really want to dig deep and challenge your skills and ability then we can go up to 6 days of training, giving you an extra day in our lock lab but remember you also get our online training package as part of this course. That is full access to our level 4 online video archive, e-books and manuals. 


Before you join us you will undertake a full online one to one pre course. This is a foundation level course known as the LFA1 qualification and it's similar to an apprentice level of training. This can take around 2 weeks of at home pre study to get you ready for your hands on course. By the time you join us you will know all your tools, locks, lock types, why locks fail, common issues and problems to fire ratings, BSI British Standard Institute kite marks and insurance regulations, laws and more. 

However, we are not done there. To make sure you don't become a rogue trader we will enrol you into the Locksmith business Development program. Statistics have shown that 4 n 10 locksmiths who do a 3 or 5 day only course with no business training end up not making enough money so that when they do get a job in, they take advantage of the unsuspecting customer, over charge, rip people off to make more money because they are struggling. Since we are part of the Guild of Master Locksmiths UK we have a duty of care to make sure that once you are trained you can earn a decent wage and not turn to underhanded tactics to make money. That's why we enrol you on the locksmith business development course that will see you complete your Safe Contractor Approved Scheme Qualifications with side courses in consumer law which is vital to making contracts such as quoting on work at peoples door steps. You will also do your health and safety risk assessment as you need to learn to be able to do this on commercial jobs. You will also undergo our locksmith business marketing course which will aid you in gaining new work online and is vital to creating a decent income.

Blue Reef Designs will also build you a starter locksmith website which is a budget 6 page website for your new business. This website will aid you in receiving work, hold information about your business and allow you to look professional when gaining contracts with estate agents and more. 

Learn more about the 6 page starter website  with easy contact, one push phone calling so that when a customer/s find your website, they can then click the number and call you direct, its a starter website that works and will have a our full SEO package to make sure it ranks on Google. 

Website SEO is one of the most costley of mistakes, with SEO writers charging £85 per hour and up to 6 months of contracted work. SEO is the way that your website is written with special words such as your business names, service area and location and what you do being required by search engines so that it can rank your website higher in the rankings. Ideally on the first page of Google. This is a master skill itself. As part of the page, once your website is built one of Blue Reef Designs SEO writers team members will write your full website and use all their skills to make sure your website ranks on Google.

Blue Reef Designs will build all of your online business along with social site graphics and logos and Google maps listings plus much more. Visit Blue Reef Designs website who will be building your website to find out more by clicking here.

You will get a full logo designed by our designers at Blue Reef Designs, this can be used to create business cards and work clothing to signwriting vehicles. We will also have a custom advertisement design created that you can use to further your business. 

You will receive a full locksmith tool kit, the kit is designed to get you through the first few years of trading, from electronic pick guns or EPG, hand picks for standard pin cylinder to dimple locks, flag picks to rakes, bypass tools, electronic tools like multi tool cutter and servicing tools, UPVC toe and Heeling tools and much, much more. 

You will also receive our at home training kit known as the Lock Lab, this is all the vices, lock clamps, re-pinning mat, webcam for recording sessions, tripod for the camera, all of the practice locks and hardware to learn from home to keep your skills fresh.


On day one when you receive your tools and home training kit you will also receive a stock of hardware, these are the most common items we fit and this stops you wasting valuable money on buying the wrong items, the wrong sizes of locks that sit for years and never get sold. We do this and supply everything because we know what works, we know how to create a real locksmith business that actually works. 


We could easily not offer one to one and do what our competitors do and that's grab the money and do classes of 6 students at a time each week. Ask yourself why we don't do that? That's because they turn out the worst in locksmiths. There is no pre-course, they come into a class of 6 people and are expected to keep up with people with lots of skill or knowledge to people that have no skills. To them it's all about money, but to us we know that once we start this journey we will be aiding you in business and on jobs for life. We don't just get you in, do a course then let you go. We make sure you're operating correctly, masking a good income and if not we will look to see why, we will figure out what's going wrong and work to get it corrected. It could be how you answer a call or what you say on that call that's stopping you from getting the job when people ring around for quotes. It could have any number of issues and that’s why we offer a full after care program and give you 2 extra days of training to be used in 24 months. If you are stuck on a specific lock then we can get you to our Newquay lock lab or our Gateshead lock lab and get it corrected or it could simply be an online training session. 

Who We Work With.....

Learn More By Clicking the Images!

You can click the images below or above and as you do the image will open up and give your more intimation to why we supply what we supply with regards to tools, websites, logo design and more. The images are easy to navigate and you will be able to see the tools you receive plus much, much more!

  • Get 2 free refresh days for up to 24 month after the course if you are stuck or struggling with specific locks!

  • 24 Hour help, if your ever stuck after the course we can still help!

  • 24 Hour Video calling to see locks, issues and advice after training!

  • We work around you with one to one online training!

  • Full online video archive for you to sit and re-watch each session again after the course

  • No large classroom groups, all our training is one to one!

  • You will receive our eBook's on the subjects of lock picking to business that you can keep and study.

  • Work on a real home, windows and doors, shutters and more!

  • We supply all the tools and stock you will need to start trading!

  • We will build you a website so you can get found by your new customers!

  • We will guide you each way, step by step!

What Will You Receive On This Course?

The 5 day level 3  Locksmith Course is the most complete locksmith course in the UK and the only one of its kind in the UK and as far as we know the world.


We don't want to just train you and dump you, we want you to make a change in your life and create a real income, prosper and do something amazing and help us carry our brand on and your new brand together so we both can make money.  


Below are some of the highlights of the course, details are below, but note we don't advertise every part of what makes our course your only choice as we don't want our competition to copy what we do, we are often imitated but never recreated.


You will also become a Guild of Master Locksmiths UK member and you will earn the Safe Contractor Approved badge once your business training is completed! 

Guild of Master Locksmiths UK. Locksmith training.
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Thinking Long Term with 24 Support 

Your Home Training Package


For you to be able to learn from home means that we send you our latest in home training package. This is a specifically designed home training locksmith kit that you can setup in your backroom, shed or garage. Ideally away from interruptions but with good WIFI as you will need a laptop to complete the online sections and receive video calls from your LTTA certified instructor. 


Your kit will have everything in it you need to learn from foundation based locks that we have repined to allow the  difficulty level to increase as you move stage by stage and learn skills such as lock picking. We have included many multi point mechanism as you will be mastering these with multi point being the majority of todays work. You have a repining mats to protect your work space and keep your screws and pins on the mat when taking locks apart to lock picking vices and many items of hardware that we will train you on. You will make home jigs following our online instructions so you then have your own lock lab picking jigs that you can perform entry skills on. We also include a plug and play webcam that can plug into any laptop on work via our video calling app along with a tripod for your phone. This allows us to be able to carry out online training and see your hands as you pick and work on locks and your own doors and windows. 

We Include a Locksmith Tool Package

My Post (51).jpg

Its easy to buy the wrong tools. Many tools sold online are for emergency entry by the fire service etc. If we were to use them them for our business they can cause future issues that you would have to pay for due to warranty issues. Yes they can get you in quick but it will allow other components to fail within the coming days. that you will have to pay to repair.  We supply all the technical locksmith tools you require to undertake the course and trade as a locksmith and the tools we do not supply are the tools that you can eventually add that will make your job easier. For example on a none budget course you would receive a mortice lock jig but on this course you would use chisels, drill and hammer to do the same job. You will still b e trained in the mortice jig but you do not need it to do the job. However it is something you could add later. The reason is, we hardly ever fit mortice locks to virgin wooden doors. Normally a joiner would do this way cheaper than a locksmith. So its not an essential tool. But you will have all the tools that would allow you to operate your new business and also learn how to use and work with our tools kits. We offer the most comprehensive tool set on any locksmith course valued at over £800 at trade price. If you bought these separate  you would be paying well over £1000 plus. 

Locksmith Start up Online Business Package

web designer.jpg

We have a partner business called Blue Reef Designs who are a website and online business development company that have launched over 120 online businesses since we bought them out 15 years ago. That's 4 full business each year for 15 years that take around 3 months each to develop and launch along with 60 budget based business that take around 1 month each to develop and launch. We do this so you don't have to. One it would cost you well over £2500 to £10k depending on your requirements and how long it took with most developers charging a rate of £25 to £120 per hour and just on the lower rate at 8 hours a day for a month is £4000. We take care of it as part of this package and we have BLD create you an online business, that's all social pages, Google business setup, apps and more to make sure your business can be found online the number one place people go to when searching for a locksmith. We use the latest in AI Artificial Intelligence to create the perfect recipe for online success which in turn will bring in the calls for work. You still need to convert them calls into jobs and then money but our business development package will also train you in how to do that plus much more! Find Out More Here!

5 Days of Hands on Training and then Online Locksmith Training at Home!

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-06 at 12.38.39_d901ac38.jpg


We have a specific training style and it works, its produced the best locksmiths in the UK and the reason for this is time. Time is the key to all locksmiths becoming good at there craft. Everything takes time. I could give you a guitar and 3 days of training and then say go and play a headline set with Guns and Roses and you would suck, fail and get boos and negative reviews. Well that's what happens why you buy into cheap 3 day courses. You do not have time to learn, the skills your trained in are old, out of date skills. We know this as we have done every course in the UK to product test them for research.


Our courses start online with a foundation training. We do this as you can learn in your own time at your rate and not trying to keep up with a class of 6 or more. You can rewatch the videos as many times as you want. You will actively research information and learn with one to one training via video calling. We do this so by the time you come into our lock lab for your hands on training you will have already passed your foundation level 1 exam and you will be ready to take on your level 2 and 3 locksmith training. As part of this course you will receive 5 days of hand son training before you return home to carry on your online locksmith training as we prepare you to start your level 4 master locksmith award.


You can start trading at a level 3 award but carry on training while while working so you can then gain bigger contract work such as forensic locksmithing, covert entry and more.  Once you go home, yes the course has ended but you can carry out your own home study using the website videos and practice each skill!

"My price promise to you as that you can't find what we offer for the price we offer it or the quality of skill that we put out! Why choose anyone else. Train with the best and be the best at what you do!"

Our Price Promise To You!

If you can find this course in the UK any cheaper, offering more or the same to our standard then we will give you this course for half price!


This is how sure we are that it is impossible to find what we offer in the UK. No other locksmith training company dose what we do, offer what we offer at the price we offer it. They all want you to buy the tools, buy the stock off them, break the courses down into many sections and sell them individually or they offer what we call "experience days" and claim its locksmith training as you get a City and Guilds of NCFE. All that does is show howe many locksmiths they are churning out as the only way to be accredited to offer them awards is by volume. But here is the question? Where is all of the locksmiths? Why are they not trading? Because they fail in the first 6 months with £30k plus debt!

That's how confident we are in our price promise and why we don't work with them awarding bodies as we wont pump out the volumes they require as we will only put out 4 businesses each term as each business takes such a long time to train and build. We don't churn out quantity but we do put out quality, high earning locksmiths with the best and most in-depth skill set from the most in-depth and longest training course in the UK for up to 36 weeks with up to 12 months before you can receive a Guild of Master Locksmiths UK level 4 award. This award is the path to master locksmith which takes 10 years to achieve with an award every 3 years. We will make you work for your awards, we don't just give them away. If we put our name to you its because you are the best of the best, time served, skilled and of the highest quality.

Course Price and Breakdown

Course Price for 2024/25

Total Package Price: £3500

Locksmith Course Deposit: £500

Accommodation Deposit: £200

Total Deposit Amount: £700

Total Left to Pay 28 Days before the course starts £2800

Places Available for 2024: 1 Available for Feb - October Enrolment 

Places Available for 2025: 3 places left for Feb - October Enrolment 

We only take 4 people each term MAXIMUM. You must also pass a phone interview before we will take you on. We will only take on driven people as we will only place our name against the best! 

Only £3500. Place Your Deposit today!

We do have a terms and conditions that has to be signed before we can go ahead and train anyone in the UK. You will receive these terms and conditions along with the invoice for the deposit. You can then read and if you agree you can then respond and pay the deposit. The deposit will hold your place and accommodation. You will then receive an email from the holiday park confirming your booking and arrival / check in times.

You could spend well over £50k setting a locksmith business but we will make sure that does not happen by educating you in what we actually do and ignoring what YouTubers and tools sales people say we do. As they push products that we don't use and never will.

Locksmith student learns to pick locks in Newquay Cornwall lock lab

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Get in Touch!

Please feel free to contact us to find out more about what we do on this or any other course and what's the difference between this course and Mobile Master Locksmith Course or a Budget Locksmith Course. 

We can always answer any of your questions, concerns or we can even have a video call, you can see the lock lab if your are further away from one of our sites. 

We do only take 4 people each term for each course as setting up a whole business is a time consuming operation and we wont take on each student that applies. We will only take on the best of the best. We have a simple procedure where we can get to know you, your ideas and what you want from life and the business, be it a retirement plan or change of career. It helps us weed out criminals, people that wont make it in the industry as we also need to make sure a locksmith business will actually work in your area where you live. The market could be saturated or highly competitive and we can take a look and advise you on your best plan of action. We would not let you waist your money if the business did not work as that would not do our reputation any good at all. That's why we like to get to know you before you pay anything!

The proof is in the links to the reviews! - It worked for these guys! It can work for you!


Russel Tate - Securefast Northeast

Russel Tate went on to create Secure Fast North East - Emergency Locksmith Services ( website and business and is now in his 8th year as a locksmith and doing work for Taylors and himself. He most recently expanded his business and took on 3 staff who we also trained as locksmiths. He followed our advice and business plan and now offers boarding services. He turned over nearly £10k in December alone.  Check out Secure Fasts 5 star reviews here!

Gosforth locksmith Steven Fenwick.jpg

Stephen Fenwick Gosforth Locksmiths

Stephen has been going for around 5 years now and undertook the budget course. Its been a slow builder for Stephen in the competitive Newcastle market. However he has carved himself out a path using the skills we taught him in business and now has a number of contracts with hotels and housing groups. Yes he could have had an easier time if he had chosen the full course instead of the budget and yes he could have gotten there quicker but those way he can say he did the hard work and built his business off of our training! Check out Stephens website and business here!


Locksmith Tom of Newbiggin Locksmiths

Tom came to use after he was made redundant almost a decade ago and he had a small amount of money left to find himself a path and a job and he wanted to work as a locksmith. We worked with Tom's budget and created him a course. 

Tom is still running his business and made it a major success check out his reviews on Google here, he carries out work daily and works alongside Taylors Locksmiths. Visit his website here!


We could carry on with many examples of guys whol came to use with a budget and we worked with them to build there dream business. You have to remember, we are not just locks trainers but we are also business developers who create a future for you in locksmithing and the proof is in the links. Visit there businesses to see more!

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