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Looking for a LOW COST locksmith in Gateshead? 

Why not use one of our student locksmiths, they are fully qualified but need time served work! This means you get a low cost locksmith and they get the time needed! Its a bit like hairdresser collage! 

We have NEW locksmiths looking for work today, no labour charge! Just pay for the parts!

Call us on 07525639943 and ask about a student locksmith to take on your job! 

Hire our Student Locksmiths Today for a Low Cost Locksmith in Gateshead

Our Gateshead Locksmith Students are full trained under a 3rd generation master locksmith to a level 4 locksmith award, the highest in the EU. As part of our training program we put the locksmiths out on real jobs accompanied by a master locksmith. You get a full locksmith service but at half the cost. Out students will be learning on the job, the future of our community and creating jobs for people of all ages. 

You will receive a full locksmith service but we either have no labour fees or low cost labour depending on the job. The student that will attend will ave passed a 10 week long course and will be accompanied by a master locksmith instructor that will be on hand to aid and make sure the job runs to plan. 

If you would like a low cost locksmith in Gateshead then consider one of our apprentice locksmiths. You can call our lockmsith academy and speak to our head instructor Steve Taylor on 07525639943 and let him know that you need a locksmith and would like to take advantage of a low cost student locksmith.  You have full warranty for 24 months on all parts and 6 month on labour. 

We are full insured and DBS checked.

Lock Changes from 
SAVE £145
Door Service from
SAVE £110
Emergency Entry from
SAVE £160

The above prices are priced against other locksmiths in the area, we do NOT charge a £100 call out fee, we do NOT charge £65 per hour! We do NOT charge 20% VAT on top! We do NOT have any hidden charges. 

We are fully insured, DBS and CRB checked, fully trained and carry only British Standard hardware. All parts are at cost price to! We are working for the experience, time served as new locksmiths. This allows you to save money! 

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