Taylors Locksmith Training Academy offer one to one locksmith courses aimed at all levels and experience in Gateshead UK with 3rd generation Master Locksmith, writer, entrepreneur and head instructor Steven J Taylor (BA Hons) of Taylors Locksmith's at our Gateshead locksmith lock lab and on real training homes and out on the actual jobs you will do as a locksmith! 

Taylors Locksmith Training Academy Gateshead

Explore The Possibilities of Becoming a Self Employed Locksmith

Taylors Locksmith Training Academy in Gateshead are the only locksmith training school that bets its reputation on each and every apprentice locksmith we take on our books as we don't just train you, we create a full business for you. You can learn every aspect of the locksmith trade, not just lock picking, we are a full training provider that will also train you in legal to the business side of the locksmith industry depending on your requirements along with building you a full website to video advertising as part of our top 3 courses and packages.


We will only take on a business based locksmith that will make it work for themselves with commitment and drive, its not just about training, anyone can train you but this is about succeeding, its about creating a  business, a income and a future. We bet our reputation on each apprentice so we are only looking to hear from dedicated people that have what it takes to make the business happen. However if your unsure of its even for you you can undertake our low cost Beginner Locksmith 6 Module Level 1 course, it even come with tools, practice locks and much more. 

You can choose from our Beginner Locksmith 6 Module Level 1 Course with tools, practice locks and eBooks, Video archive or check out Master Locksmith Level 4 full business package or our Mobile Locksmith full business package Level 3. If your are on low cost start up then you can take a look at our award wining Budget Locksmith Training Course Level 2. 

Taylors Locksmith Training Academy in Gateshead also offer bespoke training packages to intense locksmith training classes for advanced locksmiths of people with a good understanding of locksmithing for for business owners, landlords who wish to further there business or expand to bringing this part of the business in house.


call Taylors Locksmiths on +44 (0)7525639943. We only allow 4 admission per year to our Master Locksmith Business Course. but we do allow admission on other courses we offer, see below for more information.

Learn More About Taylors Locksmith Training Academy Gateshead

Taylors Locksmith Training Academy Gateshead established in 1948 by the late John Taylor have offered locksmith training courses since 1981 when we took on our first apprentice locksmith. Lots has changed in 37 years of offering our bespoke and one to one locksmith training but our core principles are still the same, keep our training one to one and not only in a classroom but out on real jobs with real people and working on real homes.

One to One Hands on Approach To Locksmith Training

One to One Training

1 - 2 - 1

All of our courses are One to One only, we believe it is the only way to teach such a vast subject that cant be learned in just 5 days!

Full Locksmith Tool Kit

We supply a full locksmith tool kit for your course that you will keep. All the tools you need to work as a locksmith!

We Supply Your Stock

We supply you with business starter stock and introduction to your supplier, you can then re-invest this profit into business growth.

Master Locksmith Training Gateshead Level 4

Course Length:  Total 14 Weeks or 7 Weeks

Locksmith Training Level 4 Business Level 2

Full Website Builds, both desk top and mobile, Logo Design and Graphics, Video Advertising, Tools and Stock for a full business package plus so much more!

Taylors Locksmith Training Academy Gateshead are known for producing and launching successful and quality master locksmith businesses in the UK, Europe to Australia. We have sent locksmith all around the world who have undertaken our training courses, launched a full business and have gone on to be very successful master locksmiths. Learn every aspect of locksmith work in our lock lab, on real homes and out on real jobs. We also train you in the business side, this is every part of the business from online marketing to launching the business, brand identity to creating your own website to booking your first appointment and job.

Mobile Locksmith Training Business Level 3

Course Length: Total 10 Weeks

Locksmith Training Level 3 Business Level 2

Full Online Business, Logo Design and Graphics, Video Advertising, Tools and Stock for a full mobile locksmith business package!

Taylors Locksmith of Gateshead don't just train but we are a fully operation locksmith business and operate a full mobile locksmith business and we know whats needed to make it in this industry with low overheads and high volumes of work. Train as a mobile locksmith with a full online locksmith business package, tools and stock plus much more.

Budget Locksmith Business Training Level 2

Course Length: Total 5 Weeks

Locksmith Training Level 2, Business Level 1.

Full Online Business, Logo Design and Graphics, Budget Tools and Stock, a full budget locksmith package!

Taylors Locksmith Training Academy understands that not everyone has thousands to launch a business and that is why we offer a hands on budget option on each of our courses that lets you undertake allot of the work that our designers would do to our business mangers. This allows you to learn and earn your business with handwork on a stripped back course with budget tools and smaller stock options with online video training and home training minimising days in our lock lab which reduces the overall prices off the course.

I cant Thank Steve and Taylors Locksmith Training Academy Gateshead enough for all the hard work and helping me build my business. I know have contracts, daily work and in December 2018 I made over £10k profit in that month alone and I just cant believe how far I have come. My Google reviews are building along with my other online reviews, all 5 star reviews. 

Russel Tate, Bedlington Locksmiths

Schedule a Visit Today!

If you are looking at creating a new path in life and believe that operating a locksmith business is for you or if you would like more information then please get in touch and we can have you visit our lock lab, meet the instructors and try your hand at locksmithing and find out more about the exciting opportunity ahead.

We love to meet you guys and show you our one to one lock lab and allow you to have a go at the odd technical task to see for yourself if you have what it takes to become a locksmith. It also allows our head instructor to meet you and as we will only take on apprentice locksmiths who we also believe can undertake this position and make the business a success. Just like any university we look for the best of the best to put our name to. 

"Training Locksmiths Since 1981. Start Today!"

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