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Online Locksmith Training | Train from Home!

Updated: May 18

One of Taylors Locksmith Training Academy's most successful courses happens to be our online locksmith training courses. With each student going on to a high success rate, earning more with fewer issues in there industry. We see them earning the most, with deepest understanding of the job, the business and being some of the most successful locksmiths we have ever launched.

But Why? How?

online locksmith student picks locks at home, learning lock  picking, locksmithing Gateshead locksmith training with Taylors locksmiths
Damian learns to pick locks in his own home while watching our video archive and one to one video call; sessions.

Well these questions are simple to answer. Its all about time, time under training, time on tools, time doing practice. Its about education, its about fully understanding the skill, the hardware, the tools. Its about learning every last thing you can learn about locksmithing.

We do this by making sure our students study for 36 weeks. We make sure they known everything that can ever go wrong on any job and how to deal with it. We call it, fighting fires before fires start. Each student ends the course with confidence, the highest level of skill available and the deepest understanding of the subject and business. This is why they are successful. They are not drilling locks out like a untrained locksmiths, these are surgical technicians that understand failed mechanisms and how to create small incisions into the doors to remove blockages and open failed doors where others use force and damage frames and doors costing the locksmith money. We know when a lock has a built in deadlock mode that will kill the door during an attack, so we understand how to bypass such high security without even touching the lock.

Our locksmiths study using the latest tools that we send to them at there homes. They keep each tool, they master each tool for success.

We send them a full home lock lab, a at home training lab that they can build in a backroom, shed, garage and so on.

Online locksmith training, student trains on home door
Danny Hirst for Hirst Locksmiths learns to strip his door after undertaking a section of online training!

This is a dedicated area with a webcam and tripod for one to one sessions so

we can see what the locksmith is doing with your hands as you use the tools. The camera lets us view you as you work on doors or locks. You will also use it to record you assignments such as stripping a full multi point mechanism and as you do you will explain your findings and components.

We can then

view the videos and give feedback.

You will be sent a range of locks and hardware, some of the hardware will be altered or broken, we then let you discover the issues. This will show you that you have learned the new skills and have been able to identify and rectify the problem you have encountered. In the locks and hardware will also be your own stock that you will sell on once you start working.

locksmith training, Gateshead, Online locksmith training.
Ryan works on a real house door after he completed his online training.

With all of our online training programs you will have the chance to come to the lock lab and training facility in Gateshead or Newquay Cornwall and undertake one to one training which is where we will carry out set of tests on doors, windows and locks and go deeper into the skills and correct any bad habits etc. You will then have the chance to head out onto real jobs and ghost one of two of our locksmiths and see what the job is like in real time, real issues and how the locksmiths overcome obstacles that slow the job down to taking payments, dealing with issues to visiting our supply stores.

Don't be fooled by any quick locksmith courses, 3, 5 and 7 day courses can only give you a surface understanding of the subject. No matter how official they look unless you train on our 5 day locksmith course which has a 2 week pre training online course known as the LFA1 award which is a foundation award in locksmithing. Think of it as an apprentice based education to prepare you for the fast paced 5 days of hands on skills training. This also comes with 7 night accommodation, tools package,, website package etc. But once you have undertaken that 5 days of hands on locksmith training you will then go home and enrol onto our online training program and undertake your level 2 and level 3 tests and study with a one to one online trainer to achieve a level 4 award which takes around 12 months but places you on the path to the master locksmith level award which is earned every 3 years from the date you start to trade and takes 10 years to achieve.

To become a successful locksmith you need a decent education and skills practice to prevent issues that will cost you and your future business money. The only way to do this is to work on a 15 to 36 week locksmith training course and enter a level program that takes 12 months to earn by actually working on real jobs with real world experience. That's 15 weeks of locksmith training. 15 weeks of business training. We have our business section that teaches you everything from accounting to marketing, legal, home and business insurance requirements to dealing with fire rated hardware and locks to sales and invoicing.

Not just that but because we are part of the Guild of Master Locksmiths UK and they believe rouge traders starts with poor training which means we make sure as part of your business training program you also complete the Safe Contractor Approved Award and scheme which includes further courses on how to make contacts at peoples doorsteps, consumer law so you and the customer know there rights. By being trained correctly in the business aspects prevents you from becoming a rouge trader. The reason a rouge trader is created is that they have a small amount of skill but no business training. So they cant get enough work to pay the bills, so the jobs they do get which are only a few per week, they tend to lie and over charge, use call out fees and basically become criminals. That why a business course is vital!

Locksmith website
Locksmith website

We also have our partners Blue Reef Designs build you a full website. Actually we build you 3 websites, a desktop version, a mobile website version and Google business beta page then we generate a Google business package with maps listings and full SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) training. This will train you in how to rank your website on search engines like Google on the first page as high as possible in the rankings. You will learn about social media marketing and so much more. These are all essential in any businesses success.

So when it comes down to why the online locksmith students are the best and most successful locksmiths. It comes down to a simple factor. Time! Time is what's needed to be successful, to learn at your own pace and to digest the in-depth information and each skill. Time to practice and make mistakes. Time to master each tool and skill and time to learn. The students that pick the online course are the best of the best when it comes to the job. They have the best foundation to build a business upon and they start out in business the right way. No debt for the business, no high overheads or wasted money on tools and stock they will never use. We steer the locksmith in the right direction and let them grow and become a success each and every time.

Start a Locksmith Business
Start a Locksmith Business

However this course can highlight you weak points and this is a good thing. Being self employed is hard, its you being in charge of your own time. Your no longer a sheep being told what to do and when. This course is all about your time management. Our instructors won't chase you. You will have a time period to complete each task or assignment and this will teach you about real time management. You will be charge of your own days, training when you want just like doing the job. If you fail at time managing the course. This can be a BIG wakeup call that will teach you about productivity. If you are not productive on the course you will 100% fail in the business. This will iron out your creases, you will have to step up and work hard but the reward is amazing, a decent rate of pay, hours that work for you and a job that is satisfying.

Learn more about our Online Locksmith training program and courses by clicking here.

You can also call us for more information on 07525639943

Maybe Online sounds good but you also wants hands on tools?

We also offer a hands on 5 day locksmith training package with accommodation, with a tool kit, with a stock kit, with a 6 page website and business package and much more. Its known as the Locksmiths Holiday as it takes place in Newquay Cornwall and we include 7 night luxury accommodation! Want to learn more? Visit here!

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