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Pitfalls of the Modern Locksmith

The Online Rat Race! Its a Wild West Shoot Out With Con men!

Today's locksmith business has changed from the old and outdated ways of the Yellow pages to flyer advertising and even sign written advertising on a van is now lost in a sea of adds that we have become accustom to so we don't even notice them. One thing I would say to any new locksmith that has no online experience is "don't trust your own ideas to advertise".

I see guys and galls quite often that have ideas on advertising, these are old hat ideas like calling you brand something like AAAlchemy Locksmiths as the letter A is the first in the alphabet so you will show up first in search result!! What.. No that does not work, same as flyers. Ask yourself when was the last time you read a flyer that came through your door unless it was a take away menu, the answer? Never, we don't read them as they are junk mail. We bin them. Look at the cost of 200 flyers for around £80 or you can advertise to 200.000 people on facebook for £20. Do the maths, the old ways are dead.

One of the best old hacks was that people would pay to advertise in leaflets or local magazines, Yellow Pages but ask yourself this. Where are them books when your locked out? You guessed it, in your home locked away, so you turn to your phone and today people don't even type in the phone, they now speak in to it and search "locksmith near me". First guy that shows up below the green Google adds as they are expensive to show up in the results that high gets bypassed and the maps guy who is top with reviews gets the work.

This is why every good locksmith course should have business training that steers the new business owner in the right direction. Today our trade is online fought in a war or pay per click adds that's dominated by multi million pound companies and fools with no business sense at all along with SEO scammers promising to be the next big thing and to place you on Google, its all about the humble back-link along with fresh content and Google can change on a whim and drop you from the search results and leave you penniless and with no business. So in this wild west shoot out we call online advertisement, where do you turn, what do you learn?

Well I have actually written a full book on the subject with easy how to assignments that will really build your business and brand online. Its a easy to read eBook with assignments after each chapter that you can carry out to help you in this online war. Lets face it you would not enter a fight in a ring with another fighter without doing your research against your component first. That's why when you choose a locksmith course you need a solid business foundation, its actually more important than the locksmith training.

If you buy the eBook now which has 2 parts, part 1 which explores "if you" should setup a locksmith business, looking at your area, population vs expected revenue and competition and if you can bypass them along with many of the questions new locksmiths have which are all answered in the first book for just £4.99, it will help you determine if you should go ahead and invest and become a locksmith

You can buy Steven J Taylors new book by clicking here. along with his 1st book on the subject along with book 3 which is planned for 2019 along with new online video training program.

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