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Are There Any Qualifications in Locksmithing?

So over the years we have seen the locksmith industry change so much, we were all once City and Guilds locksmiths then that qualification vanished along with NCFE and many others and It got us thinking to why locksmith companies were still offering a qualifications that's no longer recognised yet still charging top money for something you cant use. So we did a little digging!

Fake Locksmith Qualifications

"Well, the truth is that currently there are no nationally recognised qualifications in locksmithing. There used to be a level 2 qualification that formed part of the locksmith apprenticeship, however, with the governments change to the trailblazer apprenticeship framework that apprenticeship ceased". - Source MLA

We keep getting asked this about qualifications, students call and want a recognised qualification in locksmithing but sadly anyone offering such a thing are ore than likely conning you out of your money and they are plenty locksmiths out there that would do that. There simply is no qualification in locksmithing any longer but I bet you also did not know that the locksmith industry has no rules or regulations!

Its a sad state of affairs, locksmithing is one of the worlds oldest professions going back 4000 years and still to this day its not a recognised qualification with governing body. That is why we went with the Guild of Master Locksmiths who are not a company of any kind they are simply a set of bylaws that all the local locksmith companies in the Northeast work by. It stop under cutting and damage to our industry and they will issue a free award once you have done a full course and this helps with getting listed with trusted trader sites.

We as in Taylors Locksmith Training Academy also figured out how to become police verified and checked which is not as easy as you would of thought as the police will not verify or check a business of any kind but I figured out how we can that done for each of our students if the student wants to do it. However I would always question seeing this on websites as its very rare.

So basically before you undertake any locksmith course, do your research and ask these simple questions.

  • Why are they offering a qualification if there is none? Any company offering a qualification in locksmithing are not be trusted, they may seam legit and have fancy classrooms but earning £13k a week by conning 8 folks per class will buy you a fancy building but wont buy a real locksmith qualification and you will leave with some skills but no business knowledge or very little.

  • How many students do they take at one time? If its more than one I would look for a one like us where we only offer one to one training.

  • If they offer 3 or 5 days in a row on course then this is a massive red flag! Locksmith skills cant be learned in 3 or 5 days in a row. Our minimum is 5 weeks. If you had a very good understanding of the skill sets then you could at a push undertake such a course but you would be training from 9am till 10pm for 5 days in a row.

  • Don't buy a course on ebay, real locksmith courses are not sold on ebay.

  • Only take a course that offers all business side of the training along with at least a level 2 award in locksmithing, legal training and they should also include your insurance in the price.

  • You can get awards which are not qualifications? A qualification is a degree or a diploma etc. An awarded at the end of a training or schooling that certifies that a person has reached certain standard or level in training.

If you need any information on locksmith training then first full read our website ad courses or call one of our master locksmiths by heading to our contact us page.

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