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Taylors Locksmiths Training Academy Terms & Conditions


Set out within these terms and conditions are the terms and conditions of Taylors Locksmiths who will be referred to as Taylors Locksmiths, we, us, our or Taylors or Blue Reef Designs. You the trainee will be classed as a student, trainee, you & your.


If your course includes tools, the tool sets laid out are only to get the business running. These tools may be changed out at a later date. The tools we supply are based on the amount of money spent on the course. If you pay full price without any discounts, then you will receive all items as advertised. If you have any form of discounts, then this will affect the quantity to the quality of the tool sets. If you break or damage the tools, Taylors are not liable for replacements. 



The stock level and amount depends on the money spent per course, we only aim to supply you with a starter set. If you invest the profit from the stock, then you should not have to invest any further money into stock however we cannot guarantee this will be the case and as we cannot tell which jobs may come through. 


Lock Lab Training

The training takes place at one of Taylors Locksmith Instructors Lock Labs, a lock lab is a specific location in which a locksmith can undergo training on a one to one basis unless you book more than one person. The lock lab need not be anything more than a large shed or outbuilding so long as the location can deliver full training and all training needs.


Training doors

We offer two practice training doors a wood door with a night latch and a 5 lever British standard mortice lock with handles. The second door is euro profile-based door, both doors have issues so that it will benefit the trainee. We do not need to offer any more doors than this as it is counter-productive with regards to time, a door is a door! 


Training home

The training home is used for furthering the understanding of UPVC doors and windows only. 


Training Days

We recommend that your course should be fully completed within the number of days booked e.g. 10 days. However, you may complete the course earlier than the days booked, as some trainees have done in the past.  If this is the case & you complete your course within the number of days booked no refund is given.  Also,

should you require additional days training to complete the course over the number of days booked we allow a maximum of a further 3 days training to allow you to complete the course over 3 weeks with no additional charge.



On the job training

We aim to get you out on to a minimum of 2 jobs that we believe will benefit your training and to see how we operate as locksmiths. We do not need to offer any more than 2 jobs per student although we will aim for more on the job work experience however we must take into account the time of year, public expenditure weather and the work we have booked in verses your skill set, it would be counter-productive to send you the student on a job when we have not covered that style of job in training. You must have a full understanding of the subject before you attend the jobs. Some jobs may come in during the night which we do not expect you to attend as we won't have time to call you and wait for you in an emergency. Each job you enter at your own risk and we Taylors are not liable for any loss of damage. 


Further training

We will aim to try and offer your further training which we call earn as you learn but this is only open to new locksmiths that we select after the course and they must be within our working areas and meet our criteria after the course. This is on a self-employed basis and you are responsible for your own national insurance and tax. We can end this whenever we wish but we will aim to run this for around 7 jobs and we do not have to give you any notification of cancellation of this further training, it can end at any time. 


Online Training

Online content is free of charge to all course members, this is not something you have bought or own or have any rights to this content, all online content belongs to Taylors Locksmiths and as such we can change it, update it or remove it at any time without notice. In our training video archive, we may offer further videos which we do not own, we in no way make any financial gain from these videos and only recommend them and are not responsible. In the online video archive, we may swap out videos, remove or update the videos at any time we see fit and we may permanently or temporarily remove videos with no time restraints on them been renewed or updated. Taylors Locksmiths are not liable for any issues arising from the use of these videos. When you sign and agree to these terms and conditions you are also agreeing not to share, distribute, copy or let anyone else use your login details which are linked to your account. By doing so you are agreeing to pay per person who views this content at a value of £200 person. 


Website and Online Content

Online content

We will build you an online status and profile to aid your new business, once we sign off on your final day these become your responsibility and we are not liable if you fail to update your online content and if you do meet reach 1 of 1 in search results and you do not follow our guidelines and instructions. For your website to reach the 1st page of Google, Yahoo and Bing you will need to follow our basic principles on updates and fresh content which we will train you in if this is part of your course. We will build you a Facebook page, Google page, Google map listing, Google business page. You will setup all other forms of social sites using the images we supply. It is vital that continuity is followed during this process, failure to do so may affect your business online and we are not liable for any losses or issues.  


Website Build

We will work with Blue Reef Designs to create your website to a maximum of 6 web pages and a blog for your fresh content along with utilising an invoice system and setting up the invoice system. It is your responsibility to make sure all details are correct before the website is signed off as finished and published. We will build you a website and add a custom URL website address. You will have the option to maintain your website yourself, in this case we will transfer the website from Blue Reef Designs to your own account. However, you will have the choice for Blue Reef Designs to maintain and update your site along with fix any glitches at an annual fee of £250. This will not guarantee your website ranks better, it's only for performance-based mechanics and updates to stop the website going offline and for any updates that search engines require so that the website may function correctly on search platforms. We are not liable for any loss if your website goes down via the host. This is not our responsibility however we will do what we can to resolve any issues. 


Website Blog

The website blog is your responsibility and Blue Reef Designs or Taylors Locksmiths will enter or update this section unless it fails or is damaged. All blog updates and content, images and text or links are your responsibility. 


Website Completion

Blue Reef Designs and Taylors Locksmiths aim to have your website completed within 8 weeks of the day you start the course; however this can be delayed if we are not given the relevant information we require to complete the website within the stated time. 

Failure to Pay

If you fail to pay for your website it will revert to the ownership of Taylors Locksmiths. We will notify you before the website is to renew if you have Taylors and Blue Reef Designs maintain and update your website at an annual fee. The fee may change year to year, but you will be given prior notification via email to your business email address. All websites must be paid for a minimum of 31 days before the website renews. If you fail to pay then Blue Reef Design will add late fees and handling fees of £50. 


Online Listings

Once signed off you will oversee your own online listings such as Google maps, Facebook etc & it will be your responsibility to maintain your reviews and content along with responses to clients and any issues that may arise. You can contact Taylors to ask for advice as part of our aftercare package. 



Items you may not receive: We will aim to provide you with an ID badge, 1 x Work T-Shirt, body worn camera or door magnet signs. However, this depends on the course value and what you have spent on the course and if you receive discounts. Mostly when we give discounts this means we have to cut items from the course, such as stools, stock, website parts or items as listed. We can still get these items for you but at further cost to yourself. 


Failure to Attend

Students who do not attend a day will be considered ‘no shows’ and that day will still be taken as a day of training if you fail to inform us that you are not attending. If you fail to show for 2 days in a row we have the right to cancel your course and sell the position to another student and you will not receive any refund at all and if you have not paid the course in full then Taylors will seek the full payment even though the course is terminated. 


Confirmation of your booking

This will be emailed to you automatically on receipt of your booking. Full joining instructions, including programme timings and special instructions will be sent no later than one week prior to the course or immediately for those booking within one week of the course date. Taylors Locksmiths will not be held liable for any transport or accommodation costs in the unlikely event of a course being cancelled, delayed due to weather or any acts of god

Photography and video 

On occasions, Taylors Locksmiths take photographs and videos which may be used to help promote our courses (both online and in print). By booking into a course/event you are confirming that you are aware of this and have no objections to your image or voice appearing in any material issued by Taylors Locksmiths after the courses. Recording and photography by delegates is not permitted at any Taylors Locksmiths courses or events.  


Video Advertising

Taylors Locksmiths will create a simple video add for your own use. It is your own responsibility to maintain and monitor this add. This video ad may not be available to all courses, depending on how much you have paid. 


Gaining Work and Income


After the Course

Taylors Locksmiths cannot make any guarantees of income after the course ends. This is down to you as a new business owner to utilise the new tools we have provided such as the website, social sites and images, content etc. We can provide the tools and create a business and foundation to launch the business, but it ultimately comes down to you and the effort you put into the business. We cannot give a time frame for earnings and any suggested earnings or reference to earnings are only a suggestion and not guaranteed. The amount of earnings you may make depends on you as a businessperson and how much work you undertake. 

Earn as you Learn

We will aim to provide some forms of paid jobs, although this is not guaranteed. You will attend each job on your own and carry out the work under the name of your business unless this is an invoiced job then Taylors Locksmiths will be the leader on the work. The percentage is 40% to you and 60% to Taylors Locksmiths for handing the work to yourself. This work will normally be discounted work for the client, and most will be aware that you're new to your job. We will not put a time frame on how long this will last, and we do not need to give any notification of this ending. You will act as your own brand during the visit, use your own receipts and be in charge of collecting the payment. All payments should be made to Taylors Locksmith by the end of each month in either cash or bank transfer form. If further work arises from the job, then this will need to be renegotiated to make sure Taylors Locksmith get paid a fair fee as you would not have had this work without Taylors Locksmiths. 


Attending Courses, Job at your own risk

You agree that you attend all courses, jobs at your own risk and that Taylors Locksmiths are not responsible for any loss or accident to yourself, property nor are the property owners. You use all the tools at your own risk. You leave any tools, vehicles or stock or anything that belongs to you at your own risk, Taylors Locksmiths are not liable for any loss or damage.


Guild of Master Locksmiths UK

Guild Award

The Guild of Master Locksmiths award is an award to say you have undertaken a course in locksmithing. This award is to aid you as a tool to help you gain contract work as a locksmith due to locksmithing not been recognised in the UK. You will be sent a copy of your award with student ID numbers and business ID numbers so we can identify each certificate. Your certificate can take up to 31 days to be sent over via email from the day you finish the course. The certificate and award is no no classed as a recognised UK qualification as one does not exist within the UK currently. You can use this along with your identification and a CRB or DBS check at your local police station so they can vet you however this is not guaranteed. 



Food and Drinks

Taylors Locksmiths may provide food or drinks, refreshment during the course. It us up to you the student to let us know of any allergic reactions or allergies beforehand, failure to do so means that Taylors Locksmiths or the building owners are not liable for loss of life or any issue that may arise from eating or drinking or coming into contact with any food or drinks during the course. 



Trading within 10 miles of NE9 

By undertaking this course and setting out as a new business you agree not to work within ten miles of Gateshead NE9 which is a work catchment area for Taylors Locksmiths. If you do so, a percentage of each job to the value of 40% must be paid to Taylors Locksmiths for lost work and revenue unless agreed beforehand with Taylors Locksmiths. 



Selling on your skill sets

You agree once you have undertaken the course that you cannot use Taylors Locksmiths name to sell on further training, books, social status or to make money or financial gain out Taylors Locksmiths band and that you will not sell on your skill sets as locksmith courses as actual courses or online, videos or in any other form. You agree that what Taylors Locksmiths training you in, you will not divulge to others in any format. You understand that this training information in the wrong hands could lead to legal issues arising and you are liable for any damages to be paid to Taylors Locksmiths, brand, name and reputation along with loss of business. You will not operate as a locksmith training provider for a minimum of 15 years within a 400-mile radius of NE9 Gateshead &TR7 Newquay Cornwall.

You will be asked to read & sign a copy of these Term s & conditions on your first day training. Should you decline to agree to any of the terms set out Taylors will discuss & look to resolve any issues or concerns you may have.  If Taylors & the trainee are unable to agree to resolve any issue/s raised or Taylors have conflict of interest then Taylors reserve the right to terminate your training. In the event of a termination of training the trainee will be refunded the less the cost of tools & training day/s completed. Taylors reserve the right to amend these terms without prior notice.  All signed terms will be held on record & a copy sent to the trainee.

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